The Fourth of July is a holiday filled with parades, barbecues and fireworks. But, it can also be a time for family. As life becomes busier and our children grow older, spending the holiday with your family can be a challenge, but it is possible. Below are four ways you can bring your entire family together during the holiday.

1. Make plans in advance

Don't procrastinate your upcoming holiday plans. Weeks before the holiday, plan the activities for the day. If you are going to travel, know when you are leaving and for how long. Also, have a tentative start time and end time. Many of your family members may have to adjust work schedules or ask for time off. By giving them plenty of notice and detailed plans, it is much easier for them to make their schedules work.

2. Start while your kids are young

Teach your children while they are young that holidays are for family. Create traditions they will enjoy and that will make them want to come back for the day. While your children are young, celebrate the holidays. Don't just let it be a day to sleep in and watch TV. Do something fun. Do something they will remember. The more you do with your children, the closer your relationship will be with each other.

3. Be flexible

As your family becomes older and as it grows, make adjustments for the types of activities you do over the holidays. Even if you have a set tradition, be flexible and willing to make adjustments to help your children enjoy the activities you have planned. You may also need to choose activities that cater to all age groups. If the activities you have chosen for the day don't appeal to your children, it will be hard to gather them together.

4. Don't worry about the small details

The holidays are not a time to feel overwhelmed. During the holiday, don't worry about the small and insignificant details. Just enjoy one another's company. The day doesn't have to be perfect. Planning and preparation are key, but if your plans don't turn out exactly how you wish, don't worry. Just sit back and enjoy the festivities. It may be a long time before your family is together again.

The holidays are a wonderful time. The Fourth of July is a time to enjoy the warm weather and local festivities with your family. By applying the above suggestions, you can have a wonderful fourth, spent with those you love the most.

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