When teaching children obedience, a parent or guardian may experience challenges such as the child becoming resistant to orders or throwing a tantrum. The child may present rebellious behavior because he may feel the rules do not apply to him. Regardless of the child's reaction, it is essential to reinforce the rules and remain consistent if you want your child to learn the value and importance of obedience.

I recall as a child my mother used to set boundaries. She never deviated from them. She was calm but assertive. If a rule was broken, there was no reward. If the rule was obeyed, then there was a reward. My sister and I did a lot of obeying because we appreciated the end result - a reward of some kind. Sometimes our reward was not of a materialistic nature. Sometimes our reward was simply hearing our mother tell us how proud she was that we did well. Chances are your child will be more receptive to the rules and boundaries if he can look forward to something positive.

Even though I do not have children of my own, I am strict when it comes to reinforcing the rules with my niece and nephew. It is necessary for them to comprehend the significance of obeying your parents and authority, other family members, school teachers and the elderly.

Parents, here are four possible ways to teach your children obedience.

Speak calmly but firm

Not every rule or limitation will apply to all age groups. Therefore, take into account your child's age and determine what rules he needs to follow and how firm you need to be with him. Keep in mind to always remain calm when assigning rules and boundaries. Raising your voice or becoming apprehensive is not the correct approach. It may push your child away.

Demonstrate respect

Children absorb everything around them. Therefore, if you reveal negative energy the child will respond to things in the same manner. Try addressing your child with esteem. If you demonstrate anything other than respect, there is a good possibility your child will respond to you or others with disrespect.

Remain consistent

Once you set a rule or a limit, do not change it. Many times, the child will test your limits and authority. Do not give in. Continue to reinforce the rules and exhibit strong will power. When the child realizes you are not giving in to his tantrums, he will have no other choice than to obey.

Reward positive behavior

When your child obeys the rules, it is recommended to reward him with something minor such as taking him to the movies or giving him extra play time with friends. Offering a reward will prompt your child to continue with the positive behavior.

While teaching a child obedience remember to demonstrate love and care. If the child disobeys the rules allow him a second chance. Providing the child another opportunity will motivate him to do the right thing next time around.

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