A big change is coming your way. You are going to move. Moving comes with new opportunities, places, people, and stress. In ancient history, our ancestors moved a lot. And not because they had a new job, or they were getting married, or they bought a new house. They moved because they had to survive. They needed resources - food, shelter, warmth.

Surely, that's a lot more stressful compared to our situations today.

Yet, moving stress is very real and is experienced by almost everyone going into the process of moving. In fact, moving is more stressful than divorce, death and bankruptcy, according to this Daily Mailarticle.

Whether it's fear of the unknown or your concern about losing old friends, moving blues will definitely get you.

Here are five ways to de-stress your move and make it a more positive and rewarding experience.

1. Plan ahead

Time can be your biggest enemy when you're planning to move.

To ensure that you're not going to rush packing, carefully assess if you have lots of time left before the moving day. Plan how you are going to spend the remaining days in your old home.

Set your priorities straight and schedule things you have to do. Aside from taking care of documents, breaking the news to friends, neighbors and family, you also have to pack and get your new home ready. Save money and time efficiently by taking time to plan.

2. Throw/Donate/Sell possessions you don't need

As much as you'd like, you can't really bring everything in your old home. Old but usable stuff can be sold or given away. For example, that old leather couch can look great in your aunt's house. That perfect set of china will certainly earn you a good sum of money if you sell it on Ebay.

Minimizing your inventory can help reduce the cost of moving. Most movers charge for special items like fragile music instruments, bulky home appliance and old furniture; give them a new home if you can.

3. Clean before you pack

Save time and reduce stress by cleaning. Studies have found that clutter affects our ability to focus - inevitably increasing our stress levels during times of pressure.

So before you go into the gritty business of packing, make sure you have done all the cleaning.

You wouldn't want to pack a dirty rug. Make sure to finish all your laundries, and not just your clothes but all the home essentials you want to bring like the carpet, curtains and pillows. This will make them fresh and clean, so you will not spend your first week at your new place doing the washing.

4. Ask for help

There are things you just can't do by yourself.

So don't hesitate to ask for your friend's help. You'd be surprised just how willing they are to lend you a hand. You can ask their help in packing, cleaning and selling your items. This can also be a good time to relive memories so you have fun while doing the work.

Don't be afraid to reach out and de-stress with your close friends. If they aren't available, you can always hire moving companies to handle your move. Most moving companiescan provide additional services like packing and unpacking, so you can relocate in a more organized way.

5. Keep friends close, and true friends closer

Not saying a proper goodbye can affect good relationships.

Neighbors, coworkers, and relatives you might miss during your move should be noticed prior to moving. They need to be informed about your move (unless you are planning to keep it secret). You can host a dinner party, a barbecue or a simple get together for you, your kids and your spouse's valuable connections.

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