You love your wife and want to make her happy so you decide to buy her a gift. Don't make the mistake of spending your hard-earned money buying her a gift she won't appreciate.

Here is a list of gifts to avoid:

A refrigerator

Nothing says, "I think you're a crummy homemaker" better than buying your spouse an appliance as a gift. Sure, your home needs appliances. Your wife may even have been hinting that you need a new washer dryer set, but that doesn't make it an appropriate gift. At best, it's selfish because you'll reap the rewards of the new appliance as much as she. At worst, it's an insult that suggests her happiness is so tied up in the mundane chores of keeping house that she should be happy you bought her a new dishwasher.

Something for you

I know this sounds absurd, but you know in your heart what I'm talking about. If you want an iPad and your wife isn't really keen on one, you may figure you can get points from buying her such a generous gift, then get the double advantage of being able to use the iPad almost as if it were yours. Don't go there. It won't work. The first time you pick up the iPad she'll see the glint in your eyes, she'll know it was never for her at all. You score zero points by shopping for yourself and giving the gift to your wife.

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A tool belt


OK. You probably weren't going to buy your wife a tool belt. You may, however, have been thinking of buying her a something else to help her on the job. Maybe a new calculator, brief case, or desk organizer (oh, she'd just love that) was on your list. Such presents are a great way to say, "I love your money so keep up the good work." Come on. You're her husband. Your gift should be personal and intimate, not something her boss might buy her-or worse yet, something she can requisition at work!

A GPS System

Nothing says, "I'm tired of you getting lost" or "I'm sick of you being late to everything," like giving your wife a GPS system for the car. If she wants one, make sure she has your blessing to buy one, but don't buy it for her. You love her too much to notice when she's late - got it?

Now, go buy your wife a real present.

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