There are teachers, classes, church leaders, friends and others in the lives of our children that teach them. Some of these lessons are good, while others aren't that great. My daughters are all grown, and though I look forward to teaching my grandchildren a lesson or two, I feel fortunate to have personally taught my daughters some defining life lessons.

These are the things I found important to teach my children:

Teach your children an important life skill

It can be anything, but know that some of life's most important lessons are best taught through learning a life skill. My dad taught me how to drive, and I later taught my children to drive. It may not sound important, but learning to manage life's successes and difficulties was very important for me to teach my kids, and driving was a great opportunity to teach this. I passed on my knowledge on how to change a tire, care for a car, ask for help without putting myself in danger, follow traffic laws, and how to react in emergencies onto my children. These lessons not only helped when it came to being a safe driver, but also taught the skills necessary to be a responsible adult.

Teach your children about sexuality

School lessons, teachers and others can do it for you, but this lesson should come from a trusted parent. No one knows how to best handle this discussion more than you, for you know your child best. When teaching your daughters this lesson, take this beautiful chance to talk about the miracle of life and motherhood in a personal way. Be prepared to talk about a serious topic with your children, but also open your heart and be open for questions. I guarantee you will establish a more unique, wonderful and trusting relationship with your child.

Teach your children about faith

Nobody ever said life is easy. There are sweet blissful moments in life but also bitter ones. We won't always be there with our child during their trials, so give them the tools they need to face personal battles. Give your little ones the gift of faith from an early age. Teach them to believe, to trust, to expect good things from others. Faith will give them hope, encouragement and safety when they most need it, no matter the situation. This lesson is something your children will use again and again.

Teach them to overcome difficulties

There is power in showing your children you are struggling, but teach them that you are also strong. Whether you have lost your job, lost a family member, are enduring a divorce, or facing a difficult day, teach your children to rise above their situations. Find solutions to your problems with intelligence and patience and give your children a good example to follow for when they are struggling.

Teach them the healing power of forgiveness

This lesson should start early. Teach your children to forgive a classmate or sibling even when they are very young. Prepare them to forgive the mistakes of others. Forgiveness doesn't mean giving in and falling into behaviors that can hurt you, but allows you to be free of the pain that can eat away your soul. Help your children learn to forgive themselves when they have done something wrong. This gift will help your children their whole lives.

Teaching these lessons can't be done in an afternoon or with a quick chat. As a parent, know that you are always teaching through your example. When difficulties come into their lives, they will draw upon the lessons you taught them and overcome their trials. And you will also be rewarded, knowing you taught them the lessons to get through anything.

This article is an adaptation and translation from the original article, "Cinco cosas que debes enseñar a tus hijos personalmente". It has been republished here with permission.

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