Spontaneous moments are critical in a family. These activities can be as simple as letting the kids stay up late to play games, visiting a nearby city for the day or taking the day off of work to spend with your children. Of course, these spontaneous actions shouldn't be done every day. Families need structure to keep them organized and running efficiently, but a little spontaneous fun can be a good thing.

Here are five reasons why you should add a spontaneous spirit to your family.

1. It creates a family bond

Those fun and crazy moments create a family bond unlike anything else. Children love these moments because they are able to see Mom and Dad in a fun role instead of an authoritative role. Also, in many families siblings and other family members may struggle getting along with one another. This can be a tiring and overwhelming challenge for parents. However, spontaneous moments can provide some relief and create a common interest for those who are constantly quarreling.

2. These moments create communication opportunities

Non-structured activities are the perfect time to sit and talk with your family. When children do not feel like they are being pressed for information, they are more likely to open up. Use spontaneous moments to talk with your children. Get to know them. Casually ask them questions about their day, school, friends and more. These moments can bring you closer as a family. When you are closer, your children are more apt to talk.

3. Help your family become physically active

Sometimes, the demands of daily life do not leave much time for regular exercise. Use these spontaneous moments to do something active with your family. Whether you decide to go rollerblading, visit an amusement park or even swimming, find something the whole family will enjoy and will also give you all a few fitness points.

4. Make lasting memories

Think ahead 10 or 20 years in the future. Are your children going to remember a day of school, music lessons and homework? The memories they will cherish most happen when something is different from their normal routine. It is important you work hard to create these lasting memories. It gives them something to hold on to when life gets tough. It also gives them a feeling of what they want to be like when they are parents.

5. Re-energize yourself and the entire family

A change of routine may be exactly what the doctor ordered. When you give yourself a break from the stress and frustration of daily life, you revitalize and re-energize yourself. If you continually follow the same routine, day after day, you will quickly burn yourself out. You will lose all motivation to get things done.

Even if you aren't a spontaneous individual, it is good to have a little fun and do something different with your children. They will enjoy spending time with their parents, and you will create memories that the whole family will enjoy. Here are some more ways to build a strong family.

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