You could be in a crowded room filled with family and friends, and yet you feel lonely and disconnected. You pull away from the people who care about you and from the things that bring you joy. And you struggle against those negative feelings. But unfortunately, ignoring this can affect your well-being, your relationships and how you function.

There was a period during my early adulthood when I isolated myself. I was physically present, but not mentally or emotionally. I wanted to be alone. My thoughts were built on frustration and grudges. I didn't see the bright side of things. I refused to listen to family when they said God would take care of things. How was that possible? I prayed to Him, but I didn't see change. I was upset with God.

It took a lot of family support and the drive to want help before I understood God wasn't ignoring me. He was listening, but He was waiting for me to draw closer to Him. He needed me to embrace my spirituality. When I finally did, I was able to let go of what weighed me down. I gained back control of my life and strengthened my emotional and mental stability. Once I accepted God, I never looked back.

1. You don't have trust in prayer

Maybe you say you believe and have faith. When life is not going as planned, you may even pray for positive change and enlightenment. But when time passes with no change, you begin to lose hope. You doubt God is listening. The truth is He is listening to every word in our minds and hearts. God's timing and plans are usually different from ours. But He will answer and give us what we need at the right time. Praying to God is believing without seeing - that is faith.

2. You refuse to forgive

It's hard to forgive - at least right away. Many believe it's better to stay angry at someone or at life. But it's not. Not forgiving creates bitterness, destroys our inner peace and pulls us farther away from God. People will hurt us and we will suffer rough patches. But part of our spirituality is knowing God will carry us through. We are never alone. God is with us through good and bad.

3. You're judgmental

Judging people negatively is used to take attention from ourselves. It is a way to make ourselves feel better if we've done something wrong. Unfortunately, pinpointing someone else's faults is not God's way. He doesn't want us to judge one another. He wants us to love each other as He loves us.

4. You never assume responsibility

Blaming others for our mistakes will make life more empty. God created us to support one another, not destroy one another. We all have imperfections; so when we make a mistake, admit it, ask for forgiveness and be better moving forward.

5. You lack spiritual understanding

It's difficult to understand the meaning of spirituality and what it entails. It's more than just prayer. It's believing in God without always seeing, accepting others for who they truly are, genuinely wanting the best for others, and so much more. Our spiritual journey should include building a relationship with God so we can understand more fully that - and how - He loves and guides us.

Getting in touch with our spirituality is vital for our soul. It helps us gain and keep a healthier outlook on life. The process doesn't happen overnight; it's gradual. But there is so much satisfaction once we embrace it. There's no better feeling than that of knowing we have a relationship with a father in heaven who loves us.

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