Have you heard of reflexology? It's basically a specific type of massage that is used to relieve tension in other areas of your body. It's an alternative medicine, which means it's not totally scientifically proven, however there are studies that show it may reduce anxiety, depression and increase sleep and relaxation for adults, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The good news is, its non-invasive nature makes it possible to help soothe your baby through a gentle foot massage. And those chubby, perfect feet are so addicting to touch anyway, this is an extra plus for you. As with anything you do for your baby, do each of these massages gently and check with your pediatrician before trying them. You won't want to do them longer than 10 minutes, and if your baby pulls away, it's likely not a good choice for them.

1. To improve your baby's mood

Image by Darbi Novakovich/FamilyShare.com

Those who study reflexology believe this pressure point helps the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland creates critical hormones that help balance your mood and control your development. Gently rub your thumb over this spot and see if it helps calm your baby.

2. To soothe panicked breathing or an upset stomach

Image by Darbi Novakovich/FamilyShare.com

The center point of the foot is linked to the diaphragm. If you suspect your baby has a stomach ache, or is starting to breathe hysterically, try massaging this area delicately.

3. To soothe during teething

Image by Darbi Novakovich/FamilyShare.com

Trying rubbing the tips of the toes as this is connected to the head and sinus area.

4. To soothe constipation

Image by Darbi Novakovich/FamilyShare.com

Been awhile since your little one pooped? You'd probably be crying too. The middle area of the foot is connected to the digestive system in reflexology. Nourish Baby writer, Corrine Schneider writes, "Apply gentle pressure across the middle area of foot, from the inside to the outside edge. Repeat both steps on the left foot. My friend used this with her baby for colic and it worked wonderfully but there really was a lot of gurgling and rumbling so don't be alarmed about that."

5. To give a little energy burst

Image by Darbi Novakovich/FamilyShare.com

Reflexology links this little spot to the adrenal glands. Gently push this section to help your baby wake up.

Again, it's best to pay attention to how your baby is reacting during the massage, remember to be gentle and consult with your baby's pediatrician before trying any of these techniques ... but maybe all your fussy baby needs is a little foot massage.

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