Just what is spendicitis? It is a prolific disease that causes the suffering of many people. There are several symptoms of this paralyzing disease.

Here are five of them in no particular order. If you feel like you might be coming down with it, do something to get back on the right track ASAP to insure your financial health.

  1. You have the feeling that because the store is still accepting your credit card it must mean that you have good enough credit to be using it responsibly.

  2. You have the intense feeling of heat in your pocket if there is any money in it, and you feel the need to spend it immediately so that it will not burn a hole.

  3. You never look at the final price of large credit purchases. "If I can afford the monthly payments, it must be a good deal." I doesn't matter that you end up paying three times more than the market price for something over time.

  4. When you look at your neighbor's house you have an overwhelming urge to make sure that you have things that are at least as nice as the things they have. (Preferably nicer!)

  5. You think that because you grew up in a large house with three cars and a nice annual vacation to an exotic place, you should be able to do that as well in your family no matter the stage of your life.

Fighting Spendicitis

If you feel any of these symptoms, there is still hope. Here are a few ideas to keep you from contracting this horrible disease:

  1. First, make a budget that in all inclusive. It should cover just about everything you could purchase.

  2. Second, stick with that budget no matter how much you might want that new car (like the one the neighbors have).

  3. Third, make certain savings is part of your budget. If you don't set money aside for yourself, who will?

  4. Fourth, try to avoid credit purchases. They can kill any budget.

  5. Fifth, get the whole family involved and on board. Let everyone know if things are a bit tight so that they can alter their wants to fit their resources.

If you use the above treatments for SPENDICITIS, your family will be inoculated and have a sound financial future.

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