We can think we know everything, but as a parent we are constantly learning. It's never a bad thing to find yourself different than the dad next door. Remember, you are two different people learning things at different times. You both are great people who are trying their best.

Here are five factors that make a dad great.

1. Spend time with your children

You will be amazed at how the little things will make a big difference in your children's lives. Take the time to talk to them. Do fun things together. Share laughter and inside jokes.

Set aside time every week to give time and undivided attention to your children.

2. Provide emotional support

We all have times when we don't love who we are. There are physical features we wish we could change about ourselves or habits we feel like we can't kick. We forget how much we beat ourselves, but when we hear a child say something negative about themselves, it brings us back to reality. Every person is different and we should support differences.

There is a particular father who experienced this recently. Dave is a father of five beautiful children, one of which has alopecia, a disease in the immune system that causes hair loss. When his daughter said she didn't like herself because she didn't have hair, Dave took it seriously and went above and beyond the call of duty to make his daughter feel loved.

In the end they were both smiling and laughing. He could have just shrugged off her comment, but instead, he took her feelings seriously.

3. Get involved in their schooling

A therapist from Psychology Today shared that it's important to be willing to learn from your children. He was picking up his daughter from school when she asked for his help to study for a test. Instead of sitting down with flash cards, he asked her to teach him the material. Instead of a stressful night of flipping through cards, they had a great discussion about what she was learning, and she was able to teach him some new things too.

Being a great dad is someone who is not afraid to learn from their children. Put them in the leadership position, ask them questions and be sure to listen to what they are teaching.

4. Teach them to work

We don't talk about this one enough. It is important for all children to learn to work and learn what the world has to offer them if they are willing to work for it. Dads who teach their children to work hard are put in the category of amazing and great.

5. Love their mother

You will teach your kids what love is and what a healthy relationship looks like by providing an example.

We often forget what power a great example has on children. They look up to their dads and what to be just like them. Loving their mother gives the child a relationship to look up to and pattern after. Don't worry about perfection; simply worry about love.

Great dads are everywhere. If you don't feel like you are one of them, don't worry, there is always time to change. Take a couple of these suggestions and start working on them to become a great dad.

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