Becoming a mother is a profound moment in everyone woman's life. Children bring so much joy to each day, along with a whole lot of mess and a crazy amount of chaos. Here are five things you won't know until you are a mother:

1. Kids are messy

Sure, everyone knows kids come with their fair share of messes. But you don't understand just how messy they can be until you become a mother. After eating (read: smashing into small pieces and throwing across the kitchen) a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, children need to be held at arm's length, kicking and screaming while being hauled to the bathtub in order to remove peanut butter from their entire body. Not only that, but toys that have been scattered across the entire house need to be put away not once, but 1000 times a day (at least).

2. All kids throw tantrums

It's easy to assume your kids are never going to throw tantrums. Naturally, you plan to teach them that they can't have everything they want and they will simply nod their heads in agreement and thank you for being such a wonderful mom. Well, that assumption is a little off. Most likely, you're on the 10th tantrum of the day and you haven't even eaten breakfast. The amazing part is the decibel children are able to reach in the midst of a tantrum. Screaming like that takes true talent.

3. You will willingly offer up your clothes to catch bodily fluids

You probably swore you'd never be the mom who wipes a snot nose with her bare fingers or offers her shirt up as a tissue. However, when your two-year-old is screaming at the top of her lungs about who knows what, your baby just had the world's biggest blowout and your four-year-old dumped his entire ice cream cone in your diaper bag, a little snot on your hand is nothing. Just try poop in the bathtub; it's a whole new ball game.

4. You will be tired for the rest of your life

You probably thought you were tired when you were on the track team in high school or when you stayed up until one in the morning studying for finals in college. You may have wondered where you would find the energy to make breakfast when you woke up at eight in the morning. Exhaustion takes on a whole new meaning when you're on your third round of musical beds. Luckily you get to sleep when the baby sleeps, right?

5. Your heart will grow in ways you never thought possible

Sure, raising kids can be tough. They are exhausting, messy, loud, stinky, whiny and sometimes a tad annoying. But kids are also kind, forgiving, innocent, sweet and downright funny. You never knew your heart had the capacity to love as deeply as it does. You never knew that you could selflessly care about each of my children as much as you do. Kids are awesome. Being a mom is awesome. Being a mom is also super tiring and extremely frustrating, but mostly awesome. To all the moms, future moms and role-models for children. Go be you; go be awesome.

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