How do you want to be remembered? Do you want others to remember your achievements? Your personality? The material items you owned? August is What Will Be Your Legacy Month. During this month-long event, take a few minutes and think about your legacy. What have you done that others will remember? Have you shared your life story? Here are five ways you can celebrate this unique month-long holiday and help build your legacy.

1. Keep a journal

Writing in a journal is one of the best ways to keep your memory alive. It allows those you care about most to view your most intimate and personal thoughts. It also tells your life story. It can provide information about important life events and your thoughts on world, family or personal events.

But unfortunately, even though journals are valuable resources to those you leave behind and your future posterity, many individuals don't take the time to write in one. Maintaining a journal doesn't have to be a daily task. Write in it every Sunday afternoon and highlight the important events of the week. Or, you can even create a scrapbook or a photo album and include short entries that provide details about the event. Make your journal your own.

2. Be honest

People may not remember specific details about your life, but they will remember how you made them feel. When you lie or are deceitful, you quickly lose trust. When that trust is gone, others remember and trust is hard to gain back. Be honest with others. Don't cheat those around you. What a terrible legacy to leave behind as the person who lied and cheated. Those characteristics will make it hard for you to be truly missed.

3. Be involved

You were blessed with many talents and abilities - share them. Become involved in the world around you. Participate in community, church and family events. When you become involved, you will gain more friends and associations. You will learn more about the world around you. You will also become more charitable and anxious to serve. You will find that others care more about you because you care about them.

4. Capture and store photos

Keep your legacy alive through photos. Capture images of all the important events in your life and all of the small ones. Photos can be worth a thousand words. They can show excitement, pain, surprise and more. Let the photos tell your story.

Also, ensure your photos are well taken care of. If you store your photos digitally, make sure they are backed up to prevent loss. If you have physical copies of images, store them in a fireproof box in a dry, cold environment. Proper storage of your photos will ensure that no matter what disaster may strike such as a flood, fire, theft and more, your photos are safe and free from damage.

5. Be compassionate

One of the best ways to maintain your legacy is to show compassion to those around you. Be caring and actually listen to those around you. Your friends and family are some of the greatest blessings in your life. You should not take them for granted, ever. Serve them. Care for them. Listen to them. When you are there for them, they remember and they will often return the favor.

You never know when your time on earth is done. But when it is complete, how do you want others to remember you? How do you want your legacy to carry on? By applying the above suggestions, you can keep your legacy alive and you'll find that others will be more willing to be around you.

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