May is a time for flowers and spring. But, did you also know it is a time for books and reading? May is Get Caught Reading Month. It is a time of year where it is cool to get lost in a good book. However, sometimes it is a hassle to get your children to read and enjoy it. Below are five suggestions to help you and your kids celebrate Get Caught Reading Month. And who knows, maybe after trying a few of these with your children, you may catch them reading no matter what month is it.

1. Create a reading corner

Find someplace unique and fun where your children can read. Make the area special and someplace they want to go. If your child loves the outdoors, choose a place outside or build a blanket fort in the basement where they can hide away and get lost in a book. Let them choose their special reading spot. If they have their freedom, they will be more willing to participate.

2. Make a special reading treat

Everyone loves treats, no matter their age. During reading time, create a special treat for your children that will get them excited. Make sure the treat is something they love and not something they frequently eat. If the treat is something new and exciting to them, their excitement for reading time will increase. Let them choose the treat ahead of time so you can be prepared when reading time occurs.

3. Let them choose their books

Take a trip to the library and let your children choose their own books. Let them find books that will interest them and hopefully, keep them reading for quite some time. However, make sure the book is on your child's reading level. There is nothing that will make your child quit reading faster than a book that is too challenging or too simple for them. To help your child find the right book for them, direct them in the library to reading material for their age and ability.

4. Be an example

Don't let your children experience all the fun of Get Caught Reading Month. Participate yourself. Be an example and sit down next to them and read. Talk about reading and be excited about it. Make it a large event and discuss it days prior. When you seem excited, they will also.

5. It's OK to make mistakes

Don't make reading seem like an extra homework assignment. If your child reads out loud to you, don't become frustrated if they don't know a word. Also, don't correct every tiny mistake they make. If children are constantly told they are wrong, they lose joy in the activity. They begin to feel they are of little worth and their confidence will dwindle. Help them through the hard words. If they ask for help, give it to them. But, if they said a word wrong and they have moved on, let it be. Praise them when they do a good job. Let them know when their reading has improved and don't constantly criticize. Reading is a hard task and can be very overwhelming for children.

By implementing the above activities into a designated reading time, it will become a new and unique activity for children. You can make it an event they look forward to. You may just catch them reading throughout the entire month and all next month too.

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