Your children can become anyone they want to be, the possibilities are endless. As a parent, you recognize your children's strengths and can see their potential. But while young, they may only see the barriers and roadblocks standing in their way. They do not see their full potential and they do not believe they have what it takes to be successful. Luckily, you can help. Here are five suggestions for helping your children reach their full potential and achieve success in their lives.

1. Provide opportunities

When your children attempt new things, they find hidden talents. They find activities that they enjoy and skills that become valuable throughout their entire lives. Provide opportunities for your children to find these talents, skills and passions. Let your children try new sports, extra-curricular activities, jobs, classes and more. Be encouraging and helpful as they try to find things they love to do. However, be smart about what activities and classes your children choose to try. Too many activities at once can become overwhelming and stressful and will most likely result in a quitter instead of an achiever.

2. Praise your child

Let your children know when you are proud of them. Let them know when they do something right. Your praise and recognition means a lot to a child. It can build them up, even when they have low confidence and self-esteem. When children receive praise, they are more likely to continue trying because they want their parent's approval. Praise is a way to encourage and a way to help boost up your child's confidence and self-worth.

3. Support your child's decisions

Your children are individuals. They have their own loves and passions and they won't always choose hobbies, sports, activities and even careers that you choose. Be supportive of your child's decisions. Your support shows your love and your willingness to assist them in whatever activities they pursue. When you don't show that support, your children will have a more difficult time finding activities they enjoy and want to continue. When challenges and failure come along, your child will be more likely to quit and give up than push forward and reach his or her potential.

4. Teach commitment

If you want your child to succeed, you must teach him what it takes to be committed. Teach your children to be committed to the activities, classes and jobs they decide to pursue. Let children try new opportunities but encourage them to see the activity through and not quit in the middle of the event. When children learn to be committed, they become valuable assets to their future employers, family members, neighbors and friends.

5. Set goals together

When your child is a goal-oriented individual, he is more willing to reach his potential. Set goals with your children to motivate and drive them. You can even use incentives and be their own personal cheerleader as they learn to set goals and what it takes to accomplish them.

No matter who your child is, he has much potential. Children have the ability to accomplish things that may seem out of reach, they may just need a little help. Be there for your children and watch them achieve their full potential.

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