Most parents want to protect their children from the dangers that immodest dress could unfortunately invite. And that's not an easy task in a world that glorifies exposing the body as a glamorous act. With scantily clad females blatantly in her face on TV, in advertisements and on the beach, your daughter's thinking can be easily skewed.

These five suggestions can help you help her want to dress more modestly at the beach - or anywhere.

1. Be straightforward in your teaching

A mother once noticed a group of teenagers playing at the beach. Most of the girls were in bikinis. But she noticed the boys were drawn to one girl wearing a T-shirt and shorts — they flocked to her like bees to honey. Apparently she made them feel more comfortable. The focus was not on her body, but rather on her fun personality.

Be diligent and determined in teaching your daughter how important it is to protect and honor her body by the way she dresses. Start when she is young. Teach that modestly covering her body is more attractive than exposing it.

2. Find cute modest swim suits

Recently, more modest apparel is becoming a trend. There are more stylish, modest swimsuits on the market than in the past. As you teach your daughter about being modest in her dress, show her how cute and appealing some modest styles are. Here are four sites to get you started:

Divinita sole: These are flattering and fun. The variety and detail to complement any size is impressive.

DownEast: Take a look and be pleasantly surprised.

Lime Ricki Swimwear: This company specializes in modest tankini tops, but also has one-piece suits.

ModCloth: It is definitely worth taking a look here as well.

Let her choose one from a list approved by you. Make sure she has plenty to choose from — that will give her the satisfaction of making her own decision.

3. Show her she's not alone

Many young women want to associate with young men who honor modesty. One young woman wrote, "I know that the kind of things that I wear draw a certain kind of guy. And ultimately the guy that I want to have as a husband is a guy that's committed to purity. He doesn't want to lust ... If I'm dressing kind of seductively in what I'm wearing, I'm going to be attracting a guy that is okay with that ... whereas, if I'm dressing modestly, it's going to attract a guy that respects that and appreciates that."

Let her see good examples of women who value modesty and dress accordingly.

4. Be her example

Parents who want their daughters to dress modestly don't just teach it; they live it. A girl needs to see her mother as her example. Let her see you choosing your own modest swimsuit and then proudly wearing it. Be stylish — she needs to see that modesty can be fashionable. So have some fun yourself in choosing up-to-date, stylish, modest swimsuits and clothing.

5. Pray for divine help

Raising kids is a big job — especially in today's world. We need help - divine help. Praying for guidance in teaching modesty to your children will help you. God wants your children to be protected. He will help you.

By following these five suggestions, what seems like a daunting task can become enjoyable. Have fun as you teach the important principle of dressing modestly.

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