When you had your little child, you probably felt an overwhelming sense of love for them and a need to protect them from every bad thing in the world. Your child was sweet and innocent with no concept of evil or impurity.

This leaves you, as a parent, to make decisions for them that could potentially alter their future. You damage their perfect souls every time you decide to make the decision to be unfaithful to your spouse.

Here are seven wounds you'll leave on your child if you decide to cheat:

1. They will probably be unfaithful to their own spouse

According to a new study done by Science of Relationships, in a study of 300 students, "Students who had cheated on a partner were twice as likely to have had a parent who cheated compared to those students who had not cheated on a partner."

You're their greatest example, and in their young minds, whatever you do is perfectly fine. Kids tend to learn best from example, so be an example of a faithful spouse.

2. They experience the betrayal, too

No betrayal could be as terrible to a young child than the betrayal of their own parent. Children shouldn't have to deal with betrayal at a young age, and they most likely won't fully comprehend what's going on.

For children, betrayal between their parents feels like betrayal on their whole lives. It gives them a sense of insecurity that no child or person should ever have to feel.

3. They won't believe in love

Children who have a parent who cheats on the other have a hard time thinking of love in a positive way. It's hard for them to picture having a happy family or a happy marriage.

In a study covered by The New York Times, "Researchers reported, a girl who is aware of her father's [infidelity] seems to grow up angry at men and unsure of her relationships with them." This leads to short, meaningless relationships.

4. They'll develop trust issues

Trust is a huge part of any family, and children are supposed to be able to trust their parents more than anyone in the world. Ana Nogales, a Clinical Psychologist, told Deseret News, "When one parent betrays another, it's a supreme breach of trust." When your children experience something like this, they start to question everything, leading to trust issues with things within relationships and outside of them.

5. The damage doesn't completely heal

The damage that infidelity does to your child doesn't start the day it happened and end with the parents' separation. It's something that will take a long time for your child to process and understand. The heartache and impact that comes from infidelity is unmeasurable.

Please think before you cheat on your spouse, and if you decide you want to, think again. It's not worth the damage to your family, and one little adventure isn't worth sacrificing the well-being of the people you love most.

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