Business executives and stay-at-home parents alike — we all hate Mondays. And we all experience a routine cycle of emotions after waking up on a Monday morning.

1. Shock

The alarm goes off, and all you can think is, "Already?!" You only went to bed five minutes ago, right? It's still dark outside, for cryin' out loud.

2. Denial

You wonder if somehow the alarm reset itself to three in the morning instead of six. Maybe it's actually Sunday instead of Monday. Isn't Presidents' Day coming up? Or Memorial Day? Or some other Monday holiday?

3. Anger

Reality starts to set in after you double check the date and the time. It is indeed six on a Monday morning. With that realization comes a tidal wave of Hulk-like rage. You could be the most serene, unflappable person and still experience Monday morning fury.

4. Bargaining

If I skip my shower, I can sleep another 15 minutes, you think. Or, Maybe I can just call in sick today. You'll do anything to prolong the weekend, even for just a couple more hours, even if it means unwashed hair or no make-up.

5. Depression

You know that at some point you will have to face the day (and week) ahead, but all you want to do is curl up - under your cozy blankets and sheets - and cry. And you might even do exactly that.

6 . Acceptance

As the day progresses, your emotions level out. The world will not collapse around you today. You will not die from exhaustion or lack of motivation. In fact, maybe the day is shaping up to be kind of OK.

The good news is, tomorrow is Tuesday. And the day after that is Wednesday, and eventually it will be Friday again.

And the cycle will resume next week.

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