It's a parent's responsibility to feed your child's hunger for knowledge for as long as possible. Your commitment to teach your child about the world that surrounds them will be the foundation for their bright future. Luckily, they make that job pretty easy when they start asking questions.

Your child thinks you know everything. That's why they ask you about the stars, clouds, mountains, letters, numbers, and everything else they wonder about. "Who made up numbers, mommy?" What are you going to answer? Fortunately, you have a tool that knows everything: Google.

However, you can't always wait for your kid to ask the questions and leave them waiting while you're checking facts online. No. You have to be the inspiration, the drive for knowledge.

First, you need to learn. Then, you can teach.

An educated parent makes an important impression on the child during early development. Your kids are like empty USB drives; What will you save on them? Worthless pieces of information or something that will turn them into responsible and smart grown-ups?

Don't worry; I'm not going to suggest you to get another college or graduate degree. Unless you want to. I know you're busy taking care of your family. That's why I'm suggesting learning methods that won't take much of your time, but will make you a star in the eyes of your child.

Tips for Mommies: How you can educate yourself

1. E-Learning

Online courses are great because you to learn at your own pace and there are many areas of study to explore. Pick your favorite topic and start spending at least twenty minutes a day exploring and learning. Check out these sites to get you started:

2. Books

When your kid sees you reading, they will want to copy you. You'll instantly see them grabbing for their favorite book of stories and you'll both enjoy some lovely quiet time together. Stock up on classical literature, magazines with practical life tips and anything else that awakens your interest. Don't forget to get some books for children, too and get them in the habit of reading.

3. Foreign languages

Learning a foreign language has never been easier. You can use Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Babbel, or another app to make and accomplish daily goals with your chosen language. Foreign languages open your eyes to new cultures and the learning process will connect you with more people. When your eyes are open, your child benefits, too.

4. Study different countries and cultures

Do you have a globe or a world map in your home? If not, you should definitely get one. Here is a fun activity that will inspire your children to learn:

  • Ask them to close their eyes and points to somewhere on the map or globe. Then, Google the area to find out as much as possible about that spot on our planet. Learn about the geography, landmarks, food, people, art and wildlife. Dress up in clothes that are worn on that region. Cook a dinner inspired by where you researched that day. These are the kinds of lessons that inspire a lifetime of learning.

5. Use YouTube

Instead of just using YouTube for music and makeup videos, take advantage of the DIY projects online. Teaching your child how to support the creative processes is an important responsibility you have as a parent. DIY videos (especially the ones for kids) are easy to follow and both you and your kid will love them.

6. Movies

You have to be a cool mom for your kid, which means knowing all about the latest blockbusters and TV shows. Take the time to go to the cinema with a friend or your hubby at least once a month and do your research. Are there any that your kids would learn something from? Don't forget to check out the films you can watch at home, especially any eductional documentaries.

When we're talking about educating yourself, we don't mean reading boring textbooks, taking notes and then testing your knowledge. We're talking about an engaging process that you can support with the resources listed above. Knowing more will make you a more confident parent, who can answer your child's questions. You'll make your kid and yourself proud.

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