Privacy is important, but so is parenting. Today's kids are flooded with technology, distractions and opportunities to get hurt.

If you're not sure what your children are up to or how they use their time on mobile devices, don't assume it's all good. Sometimes it takes a little investigation, but you should be aware of your children's activities at all times in order to protect them. Here are six reasons to take a quick look at your kid's room:

1. They say it in their diary

Kids write everything in their diary or journal. The best way to really find out what's going on in the life of your son or daughter is to take a quick peek at their writing. If your child is struggling with bullying at school but is too embarrassed to tell you, his or her diary could be the source you need. Only once you know there's a problem (and the full extent of it) will you be able to offer your help. By reading your child's diary, you can also know who your child is associating with and whether those friends are a positive influence or not.

2. They hide it under the mattress

Whether you know it or not, every kid has a hiding place in his or her room. The best way to discover these is by careful investigation. You don't necessarily have to turn his or her room upside down searching for the holy grail, but you never know what you might find with just a couple minutes of snooping.

If you suspect that your child may be involved in drug use, you'll probably find proof with which to confront and help him or her seek treatment.

3. They store it on their mobile device

Unfortunately, gone are the days of pornography being difficult to come by. With the advent and influx of mobile devices, every child has access to an endless supply of pornography. While some may look at this opportunity as a healthy and normal experience for kids, most parents know that it can result in harmful ideas about sexuality and even violent behaviors.
Addiction is also a problem to consider, along with the possibility of people soliciting your child for inappropriate photos and messages. In fact, plenty of applications allow anonymous communication, and that is especially dangerous for a young person.
The best way to keep your child happy and protected from malicious people and content is by using a safety app that allows you to track their online or mobile device activity. With this type of parent-approved application, you'll be able to prevent and address problems with your child's internet usage.

4. They keep it in their closet

Although kids think the last place you'd look for stolen contraband is in their closets, it's usually the hotspot for prohibited items. A few quick pokes around your kid's closet could help you ascertain whether or not he or she has stolen something, or hopefully, it'll just assure you that he or she needs to do some laundry.

Parents have discovered hidden eating disorders, stolen items and suicide materials by looking in kids' closets. If you want your children to be safe, it's necessary to look through their things from time to time. Too much can go on without you knowing, and you just can't take that chance.

5. They show it in their wall art

Even if you're just taking an innocent look around, you can learn a lot about your children just by glancing at their walls. Posters, pictures and other items stuck to a corkboard are one easy way to get to know your child better. Understanding what your kid is interested in, whether a certain movie or sports stars, can help keep you on the lookout for potentially dangerous sites or material to flag on a parental controls application.

6. They download it on their computer

Nowadays, kids keep everything on their computer and cellphone. If your child has access to a computer or laptop in his or her bedroom, it's time to take a closer look. Anything from illegal music downloads to online chats and messaging with strangers are easy to find. Even if you don't find anything, it's a good place to start in blocking harmful and/or illegal sites.

Be sure to download a parenting app like WebSafety so you can monitor the social and online activity of your child's mobile devices. Using the internet and parental dashboard, you can stay aware of your child's every move with specific updates.

Taking steps to protect your child aren't always the most pleasant, but they are always worth it.

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