We constantly talk about children with educational lags or learning problems. But we rarely talk about children whose intelligence and cognitive abilities are remarkable. Maybe that's because these children's capabilities often aren't noticed at all or are recognized incorrectly.

Unfortunately there are few teachers who are trained to detect if a child has gifted skills. Instead, students whose intelligence is superior may be classified as "problem children" because they exhibit some of the following characteristics:

1. They get bored easily

From the teacher's point of view, the child is distracted and doesn't pay attention in class. It might actually be that the child already knows the subject or understood everything the very first time it was explained. Children may finish their work before everyone else and require more work than other students to keep them busy.

2. They learn very easily

Gifted children may understand everything quickly and easily - no need to show them by example or explain things several times. They enjoy learning and might like to watch tutorials on the internet, read more than normal kids do and write about their thoughts. Some may say the child is withdrawn because they don't play with their peers, but this may be because they enjoy learning activities rather than playful activities.

3. They have a very broad vocabulary

The child might speak words and expressions you've never heard of and discusses topics you wouldn't expect a child to know. Some teachers might interpret talks like this to be rude or disrespectful. Adults might feel challenged because they are not accustomed to talking with children who can think and express such educated ideas and opinions. Your gifted child may have even invented their own complex language instead of speaking just in English.

4. They have structure and are self-disciplined

These gifted children are like specialists when it comes to the things they take interest in and they like to keep those interests structured. Toys and books are kept in order and they can read and can talk for hours about the things they are passionate about. While they may only be talking about Star Wars, their incredible knowledge about all the planets and characters may give you a hint about their attention to detail and structure.

5. They are curious and ask a lot of questions

Your child has a special aptitude for curiosity and might seem annoying with how many questions they ask. Traditional teachers will only see a child who can't focus their attention on what's being taught at that moment, but if you pay attention, their questions reveal their gifts.

6. They have incredible focus

Everything else around them disappears when they find something new. Whatever it is completely captures their interest and they focus all of their attention on it. It may be a fictious world like Harry Potter or even a broad subject, like the ocean. This fascination might distract the child during mealtime, dinner, school, play and even falling asleep. While their fixation on a topic may seem like a distraction, it actually revels their ability to hone in on a specific topic or skill.

If any of these characteristics remind you of your own child, they might be gifted. You can discuss these abilities with your child's teacher or other school administration to figure out the best education options for your child. Like any child, children showing these signs should be kept busy and tested intellectually. If you and your children's educators realize their gifts early on, they can be focused and shaped to benefit their personality and those around them.

This article has been adapted and translated from the original "6 señales de que engendraste a un niño prodigio" which was originally published on familias.com.

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