It can be difficult to know what God wants from you. It is even more difficult when everyone around you have gotten answers to their prayers....but you feel and hear nothing.

The thing to remember is that God is always talking. The little things we do everyday are the things that can prevent us from hearing Him.

Take note of these seven things keeping you from receiving answers to your prayers:

Withholding forgiveness

Jesus himself taught that we must forgive 7 X 70 times. Withholding forgiveness prevents you from progressing towards God. It also slowly damages your spirit.

Forgiveness is hard to do, however. If you make the goal to forgive those who have hurt you, you will feel more of the Spirit of God in your heart. As you work towards that goal, you will be able to feel His love for you, and receive the answers you long to hear.


Thinking, "I can do it myself" lets God know that He isn't important in your life. You must look to Him and trust in Him daily. The number one thing God wants is for you to make a conscious effort to choose Him every day.

Though you might be a strong and capable person, put aside your pride and kneel in prayer every day and discuss with God everything that is happening in your life. He wants to hear about your troubles and your successes. He won't make a move to help until you humble yourself and ask.

Everyday distractions

With the hustle and bustle of the everyday, it's difficult to think straight let alone listen to what God has to say. There is an old saying that says if we are too busy to pray and study the Bible, then we are far busier than God ever intended for us to be.

Take the time to kneel down every day to pour out your heart to God. Then sit and listen afterwards. God wants to answer your prayers, but many times we rush through our prayers and do not give Him the time He deserves. Give God the time He needs to talk to you, and you will notice His guiding hand.

Feelings inadequate

Everyone is human. Many times we take the wrong road and make mistakes. Sinning doesn't mean all is lost. Don't let feelings of inadequacy prevent you from reaching out to God. He loves you no matter what you have done. He will always be there for you. By reaching out to Him and opening your heart, He will comfort you during your hardships and help heal you.

Lack of Trust

If you don't believe an answer will come, God won't send one. You must act in faith. This means acting and knowing that He will eventually answer and lead you to where you need to be. At times, it is difficult to trust someone you can't see, but it is worth the leap. God wants to be by your side. Trusting Him with your whole heart will open your ears to what He needs to tell you.

Misunderstanding how God speaks

Several times when we pray, we are expecting a grand gesture or huge sign from God. God usually doesn't speak like that. He speaks through thoughts and feelings.

When you pray and immediately feel peace and calmness, that is God telling you He is there. When you ask for something and feel uncomfortable, then maybe He is telling you "no" or "not now". If a thought comes to your mind telling you to do something, it could be God telling you to do it.

Pay attention to the little things you do each day that could be preventing you from hearing God. When you study the Bible and pray, pay attention to your feelings and thoughts. That is when God will speak to you the most. By cutting out distractions and eliminating bad habits like pride, you will hear God. Over time, you will know that God is talking to you everyday, and that He loves and cares for you.

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