Every parent knows that children learn by example. Your kids carefully watch what you do and mimic your actions - they clap when you clap and they smile when you smile. So when you want your child to know how to love and to receive love, you show them.

Here are six things you and your husband should be doing in front of your kids to teach them about love:

1. Kiss each other

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This could simply be some sweet, light pecks here and there. Growing up, I hated when my parents kissed in front of me. It was so gross. It wasn't until my teenage years when I had a friend over, who said to me, "I've never seen my parents kiss each other."

I made a joke about it, telling her how jealous I was of her, but secretly it made me sad. I knew my parents loved each other and I never worried about their relationship. I felt secure with my family because I knew I had parents who loved each other.

2. Laugh together

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Let your child learn that it's OK to not take things so seriously. Let them see how much fun love can be. Teach them that a sense of humor can be one of the most attractive traits in someone. Not only can this teach your children about future relationships, but it shows them how happy their mommy and daddy are together.

3. Do things for each other

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While your husband is at work, tell your kids "we're going to do something nice for daddy," and make a yummy treat. (Or tidy up the house.) Your child will be so excited to be a part of doing something nice and they'll also learn that love is about service.

4. Go on dates

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I know it's hard sometimes to leave your kids at home and go on a date but when you can make date nights a regular part of your child's routine, it will be easier for them when you leave. Be sure to explain to your children that you and daddy are going on a date, so they will come to understand that you two are spending time together as a couple. When your children are starting romantic relationships of their own, they will have a strong example of how important dating is when it comes to marriage.

5. Comfort one another

Teach your children that it's OK to have bad days ... and show them that bad days are a little better when they're with someone they love. Don't be afraid to show physical comfort or give words of encouragement to your spouse so your children know how to comfort those they love later on.

6. Work together

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You two are a team and your children need to be able to see that. Work together and contribute equally with chores around the house and with other activities. Teach your child that love is a partnership.

We all dream of our children having a fairy tale love story of their own. Help them get that dream little by little by setting an example every day.

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