Motherhood is surely one of the most difficult and rewarding tasks that any woman could undertake. Your kids rely, or have relied on you for everything at some point in their lives. With responsibility like that, it's easy to dupe yourself into thinking you aren't as good of a mom as you actually are.

Here are six lies we constantly tell ourselves:

"I'm a boring mom"

Just because you don't feel like everyday is super exciting doesn't mean your kids think you're boring. Making meals, doing dishes and laundry, playing taxi, shopping, cleaning and a myriad of other everyday tasks may seem mundane to you but to your kids and husband, well, you're Super Woman!

"I'm not teaching my kids enough"

You've probably read "Green Eggs and Ham" 100 times and watched all the episodes of "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" twice. You feel guilty for putting on a show for your kids or for giving them too much screen time.

It's important in these moments to remember what you are teaching your kids. A show or other educational entertainment isn't always a bad thing. It's all about moderation and finding what works for you and your kids.

Moms also mustn't forget that the delicate things taught in the home like manners or morals aren't always made manifest instantly. These are fundamental teachings and their effects often don't show up until later in a child's life. Don't go giving up on your teachings yet!

"I have to be involved in everything"

PTA, sports, the neighborhood carpool and more. Multiply that by several children and the time in the day doesn't match up. Moms often think they have to be involved in everything to be a good mom. False! It may be better to be involved in a few high priority things while still showing support to your kids with other activities. In other words, maybe volunteering at your toddler's school should take precedence over coaching your teen's soccer team. That's not to say you aren't at the soccer games cheering, though. Instances will be specific to your family.

"I don't have time to get ready. I'm a stay at home Mom!"

Take pride in your appearance. You're guaranteed to feel better about yourself when you shower and put on a little make up. This also shows your husband that you love him by loving yourself first.

He will be attracted to your confidence and pride in your beauty. Give yourself an at home manicure or buy yourself some nice-smelling perfume to stay feeling feminine and sexy.

"If only I had done something different"

There you go, blaming yourself again for the mistakes that your kids have made. The truth is, kids will be kids and they are unique individuals who need to experience the world on their own. Not all of their choices are in direct relation to your parenting style. Don't stress about the things you can't change. Instead, focus on showing more love, improving relationships and extending arms of support when you can.

"I can't take time away from my family"

If you need to take some time away from your kids you should do it. It doesn't make you a bad mom; it empowers you to recharge yourself to be a stronger mom for your kids.

Take it from Ellen and Erin from the blog, "If you get the chance to be away from your precious ones, don't spend that time fretting about what is going on at home. If you're not refreshed to tackle your mom job when you actually get back home, then it's nobody's fault but your own." So, if you need to go to lunch with some girlfriends or go on a short trip don't hesitate to go, just do it.

There are a bunch of lies we could all tell ourselves, but let's be honest: for as many ways as you wish you were better, there are 10 reasons you are the best mom your kids need. Repeat after me: I am an awesome mom, and I am doing a GREAT job!

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