My sister and I have always had a strong bond. Though mom was there for us at all times, my sister was like a second mother to me. She watched over me at school, helped with my homework and gave me undivided attention. As we grew older, my sister and I had occasional arguments, but it never broke our bond. Now as adults, we do not only hold a strong bond as sisters, but also as best friends.

For the most part, your sister is your best friend. She is the one person you can turn to for advice, guidance, or just a shoulder to cry on. Oftentimes, you do not need to verbally express your feelings; your eyes say it all. And during that time, all you need is your sister's hug.

A sister is a judgment-free zone. She will be there for you through the best of times and through the worst of times. A sister's love is unconditional. And a sister's bond is unbreakable.

Sisters are best known as:

Best friend

As you grow up together, your sister automatically knows your likes and dislikes. She knows when you are genuinely happy or hurt. She gives you the best advice with honesty. Your sister is undeniably the one person you can tell your innermost feelings and secrets to and trust she will never give it away.

Biggest supporter

You can have the most outrageous idea and your sister will support you all the way. She somehow makes what you consider impossible to carry out, possible through her support and confidence in you. For example, I am transitioning from one career to another. Though at times I see the process difficult and impossible, my sister shows me otherwise. She has helped me move forward with my decision and has given me words of encouragement.


If you have a dispute with friends, co-workers or your husband, she is there guarding you from harm or distress. In addition, if you have children who are in need of help and you are not available at that moment, your sister will fill your shoes. She will shield your children from the unsafe situation.

Good listener

A sister is a person who will listen to you for as long as you need to vent or talk. She does not interrupt - unless you ask her for advice. She does not cut you off to talk about herself. She is not selfish.


Besides your parents, your sister is your best teacher. Through your sister's experiences in life, she is able to teach you lessons about relationships, career, friendship and parenthood.

In my case, my sister is older and I have learned many positive lessons from watching her do things with her own family and with my mom and our family. Sometimes sisters are unaware they are teaching their siblings lessons. They just go about their business. Meanwhile, their siblings are learning through their actions.

Accepts you for who you are

You feel safe and comfortable to be yourself around your sister. You do not have to change who you are to impress her. If you want to laugh for no reason at all, you can. If you want to dance in front of the mirror and sing a loud while your sister is in the same vicinity has you, you can. Whatever you want to say or do, you can. Why? Because your sister will never judge you. She will not make you feel out-of-place or weird. She will only embrace you for who you are.

Sisters are one of the greatest gifts our God could have given us. If you have a sister, cherish her with all your might and remember you will always have a best friend in her.

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