They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but every woman wants to consider herself a knockout. But that's not always easy today, when the world's standard of beauty becomes more and more unrealistic. In fact, according to Women's Health Magazine, only 4 percent of women worldwide are comfortable describing themselves as "beautiful." If you're hoping to look - and, more importantly, feel - more attractive than ever, the answer probably isn't in a jar from the department store. Here's what you can do to feel beautiful, inside and out.

1. Stop being so social

... at least as far as social media is concerned. You know the routine; you wake up, check Facebook or Instagram, and peruse the photos of friends, acquaintances and celebrities, all touting flawless skin, toned bodies and a picture-perfect wardrobe. According to a 2015 Huffington Post blog, that's exactly why social media has a tendency to make you feel, well, ugly. The various social platforms invite users to make broad, unrealistic comparisons to filtered, highly edited and unrealistic images and photos. The result: You feel a little less beautiful.

2. Exercise for the right reasons

Newsflash: If your primary motivation for getting to the gym is a festering hatred for your body, spending hours on the treadmill isn't going to change that. Working out can make you feel more beautiful, but the change only comes when your motive is pure. Exercise because you love your body and want to take care of it. Work out because you want to see just how strong you can be. Train to feel powerful and strong - that's beautiful.

3. Don't dress for your body shape

Don't wear a little black dress just because you think it will make you look sexy. Wear it because you honestly love it; and if you don't, throw it out. You are going to feel the most beautiful wearing clothes you believe are beautiful. Don't avoid prints because you read they're unflattering to your body shape. Don't avoid a certain cut of jeans because a celebrity said they look bad on people with legs like yours. Wear what you want to wear.

4. Accept compliments

Your husband tells you you're beautiful. A stranger compliments your hair. If your go-to response is to brush it away with an "oh, that's flattering but so untrue!" or even a deflection: "you're so nice!" you could be doing yourself a disservice. Acknowledging a compliment with a simple "thank you" makes it much more likely you'll actually believeit.

5. Help someone else

Ask Snow White's wicked stepmother: Sitting in front of a mirror pining over your own beauty isn't going to make you the "fairest of them all." But do you know what might? Putting the mirror down and helping out a friend - or stranger - in need. Serving others has long been credited with making people feel happier, healthier and less stressed. BONUS: It also makes you feel more attractive.

6. Learn a new skill

Beauty isn't one-dimensional. While perfect skin and high cheekbones might seem like the epitome of beauty to one person, talent and skill might be to another. Empowerment is a beautiful thing - and it makes you feelbeautiful. Whether you're taking up jiujitsu or going back to school for a graduate degree, empowerment breeds self-confidence, which always makes you more attractive.

Stop seeking beauty. Start celebrating it! Head over to Women's Choice Awards Show to vote for fierce women who are making a difference in the lives of women and young girls.

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