Women of faith have integrity. They honor their traditions, and they keep their promises.

"It would be impossible to measure the influence that such women have," said renowned heart surgeon and religious leader Russell Nelson.

While the 3 women of faith described below come from different religious backgrounds, what they share in common is the positive impact they have on those around them.

Women of faith are servant-leaders

As a woman of faith, Becky is the epitome of a servant-leader not only in her family but also in her religious community and the workplace. In her church she preaches, teaches and leads. In the workplace Becky serves as an executive at a non-profit organization, where she combines personal humility with an acute professional resolve. Becky displays a deep commitment to her core values and is a positive mentor for other women. Her mantra, wherever she goes, is "How can we work better together?"

Women of faith share their gifts with others

For Soni, being a woman of faith means promoting interfaith programs. She and her fellow congregants have been both the givers and the recipients of inter-denominational acts of kindness. For her, the word "faith" connotes an inclusive umbrella that shelters all seekers of truth. Soni is a writer, editor, mother and generous friend. Soni believes gifts of the mind and heart are meant to be shared.

Women of faith walk the walk

Marcia spent 30 years of her life raising 6 kids, driving carpools, working in the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) and serving in her church. In 2012, her life changed dramatically after she and her husband went to the Philippines to serve others of their faith. When Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines in November of 2013, Marcia spent no time cowering under her covers. She hugged and loved hundreds of wet, bedraggled survivors, watching to make sure they had enough blankets and hot food. She helped raise money for kids in Tacloban who had lost all of their toys. She made sure women got needed hygiene supplies. As a woman of faith, Marcia not only talks the talk; she walks the walk.

6 ways you can become a more powerful woman of faith

1. Promote positive values to those around you in the home, workplace and community.

2. Do not settle for life as it is: see the world as it could be, and work to make it better.

3. Develop leadership abilities you can use to lift and inspire others

4. Have personal courage in the face of life's problems

5. Strengthen children and families. They are the bedrock of a stable society

6. See every day as a gift, and share the gift with others

Strong women of faith are known not just for their belief in God but also for their vision, love, determination and service. Women of faith lead, make wise choices and let their voices be heard.

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