There's a lot of pressure in choosing a name for your baby. You want to like it. You want your child to like it. And, whether or not you admit it, you want other people to like it, too.

Here are six ways to help you choose the perfect name for your baby:

1. Search lists

Break out those baby name books and start looking — even if you have to go to a library to find some. And search baby name lists on Google — because, obviously.

All the searching (aka all the time spent bypassing strange names to find the right one) will be worth it when you find the perfect name.

2. Search your family tree

Wanting to use a family name? Start searching through the generations — maybe the perfect name is hidden somewhere in your family's history and you didn't even know it. You could even give it a different spelling if you love the name but not the way it's spelled.

3. Search your past

Remember that kid whose name you loved that sat next to you in fourth grade? Or that friend of your cousin whose name you always thought was so cool? And what about that old journal from when you were 11 where you wrote down all of the names you knew would be your kids' when you got older? Your tastes have likely changed over the years, but it could help get you on the right track.

4. Look for inspiration from things you love

What is your favorite place? Favorite song? Movie? Favorite hobby? Obviously "Skateboarding" probably isn't the best choice of name for your child — but again, it could put you on the right track. Maybe looking back on that time you fell in love with Paris when you visited it would remind you that the city's name may just fit your little darling perfectly.

5. Ask for help

There's always that person who just seems to be a baby name-choosing wizard. Send them a text asking for a little help. Include a compliment on how awesomely skilled they are at selecting names and a disclaimer about how they don't have to include any names they plan on using in the future, and you're sure to get some helpful responses.

Also, let your close friends and family members know to send you suggestions as they come across ones they like. Maybe someone will come across the right one.

6. Copy

So a friend of a friend recently named their baby Liam, and now you're obsessed with the name. It's OK to use it. And you don't have to feel guilty.

Choosing a name for your baby is hard — but it would be harder without these suggestions. Try a few of them out.

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