We live in a high-tech and busy world, and there's always somewhere to be and somewhere else to go. Here's a few of our favorite high-, and not so high-tech hacks to help you around the house.

1. Walnuts

Maybe not a technological advancement as they've been around for a pretty long time, but did you know that you can rub walnuts to hide scratches on wood? It can't un-scratch it, but it will make the scratch much harder to see.

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2. USB outlets

With great power, comes great responsibility to keep things charged - apologies to Spider-Man's Uncle Ben. With all of our cordless devices there also come a million cords to keep them charged, and it can be a complete hassle finding places to plug them all in without monopolizing every outlet in your home. SnapPower makes cool face plates with a built-in USB plug so you never lose your charger and it doesn't take up an outlet, either.

3. Shoe storage

Not only can you use crown molding to improve the physical appearance of your house, it also makes an excellent heel holder to keep your shoes organized, out of the way and - most importantly - together.

4. Sticky notes

Jot down a reminder to clean your keyboard - then run the sticky end of a sticky note between the keys to clean out the gunk that accumulates there.

5. Start your own zoo

Attach the sticky side of Velcro to your wall and stick your lightweight stuffed toys to the Velcro. It keep the animals off the floor and makes corralling the toys fun.

6. Boost your Wi-Fi

Everyone knows you can put your phone in a cup to act as a speaker. The next big easy hack will be to use an aluminum can and a pair of scissors to boost your Wi-Fi. For a bonus that your kids will hate, change the Wi-Fi password every day and only tell them what it is after their chores are done. They'll grumble, but they'll work.

7. Guide lights

Another cover plate option turns your outlets into night-lights that automatically turn on when it gets dark, making them perfect for your child who's too old for a traditional nightlight but still would like a light in the dark. Even better, they'll function as a landing strip in the hallway so you don't trip over a stray G.I. Joe, dinosaur or - worst of them all - a Lego when you wake up in the middle of the night to check on a child.

Snap Power aims to make life simple for families everywhere. Pick up the new SnapPower USB charger or guidelight and simplify your life starting today.

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