We get it. You love your child, and she looked adorable playing at the park today. You just couldn't resist posting that darling picture you took.

You get tons of likes and all your friends comment on how precious your little cutie is. This seems harmless enough, right? While there are certain pictures of your child that are appropriate to put online for the world to see, there are some things you should think about before you post too much.

Here are seven pictures of your child that the whole world really doesn't need to see, for the sake of your child's safety and dignity:

1. The bathtub picture

There's nothing cuter than a baby in a bubble bath, and you should take as many pictures as you please! Just don't post them online for the whole world to see. Even if your social media settings are private, those photos could end up in places you really don't want them.

2. Your location

It's awesome when you get to go somewhere fun with your kids, and it's understandable that you want to share where you are. However, putting that location in makes it easy for people to track down where your child has been, where they are now and where they're going next. Stay on the safe side and keep the exact location to yourself.

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3. When they're throwing up

You probably wouldn't be thrilled if a picture of you when you're sick showed up online, so why would your child be OK with it? Adults tend to want to show their best selves on social media, so try to respect that wish for your children as well.

4. Pictures with friends

If you have consent from the parents of your children's friends, post away. However, when you post pictures of other people's kids on the internet without their permission, they might not be happy. Make sure to send a quick text or ask beforehand if it's OK.

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5. Doing anything dangerous

If you catch your kid doing something dangerous, it's best not to post a photo of it. It might be funny watching your child hang on to the side of the car while you pull them on their bike, but you would feel terrible if something bad happened and you had the whole world as a witness.

Car skateboarding - what every parent fears, what @easyeastsales loves

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6. Any of their personal information

For the sake of your children and their peers, never post where they go to school, any of their personal information or places they spend a lot of time. This makes your children an easy target for anyone trying to take advantage of them.

7. If they're doing something embarrassing

I recently saw a video of little girl who had her head stuck in a dollhouse. It was hilarious, and she was laughing at the situation. However, when she heard her mom coming, the first thing she said was "you better not take a picture!"

Her mom didn't take a picture, but she did take a video of the whole situation and posted it for the world to see, and it has since gone viral. I like to think the little girl was OK with it once she saw how funny it was, but it's important to respect your child's privacy and make sure you have their permission before you post.

Little girl gets her head stuck in a dollhouse http://dld.bz/fMwxz

Posted by EagleStar.Net on Friday, June 2, 2017

In the end, you can post what you feel comfortable posting as long as your child is OK with it, too. Just make sure you take these points into consideration before you expose your child on the internet.

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