There are so many single-mothers raising children and while they are doing the best they can, we need to remind men that they are not only vital but also desperately wanted as their children grown up. For these seven reasons, children really need both a mother and a father.

1. Success

Ultimately, children will be more successful if they have a father involved in their lives.

According to the Father Involvement Research Alliance review (as reported on by Parenting), "girls with involved fathers have higher self-esteem, and teenage girls who are close to their dads are less likely to become pregnant." It seems when girls see that their father was there for them, they are more likely to make better decisions about future men in their lives.

Boys with a father in their life showed "less aggression, less impulsivity, and more self-direction." Things like higher levels of education, being more tolerant and understanding in social situations and having more successful long-term relationships in the future were also more characteristic for children who grew up with a father in the home.

2. Mentoring in everyday activities

Sometimes we make it seem like fathers have to take their daughters on multiple daddy-daughter-dates or spend lots of time with their sons playing tractors to be "a father", but it's so much more than that. President Obama said "Of all the rocks upon which we build our lives, we are reminded today that family is the most important. And we are called to recognize and honor how critical every father is to that foundation. They are teachers and coaches. They are mentors and role models." To be a mentor or role model you simple need to be there. This means that you are there for dinner and bedtime routines, you eat breakfast with them and you are there to ask how their day at school went.

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3. Different parenting approaches

Mothers and fathers have different approaches to raising children with good qualities. According to clinical psychologist Brett Copeland, "Fathers encourage competition, independence and achievement. Mothers encourage equity, security, and collaboration." Children need both types of encouragement to grow up with balance.

4. Playing styles

Again, men and women tend to have different parenting style. An important one is how moms and dads play with their children. Mothers often find calm games to play with their children, while fathers play more physical games like rough housing and sports.

Research from "The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children" states: "From these interactions, children learn how to regulate their feelings and behavior. Roughhousing with dad, for example, can teach children how to deal with aggressive impulses and physical contact without losing control of their emotions."

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5. Pushing the limits (safely)

According to Focus on the Family, when it comes to risks, "fathers tend to encourage children to take chances and push limits, while mothers tend to be protective and more cautious." This means that most fathers push their children to do things they are uncomfortable with, which gives the child a sense of growth. This also encourages children to be more active members of society because they are not afraid to try new things. While mothers alone can fulfil that role, there is something about having this type of encouragement from both sets of parents that makes it so impactful.

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6. Sharing the process of protecting the family

Huffington Postreported that "fathers are as important as mothers in their respective roles as caregivers [and] protectors". Neither one is more important than the other, but both are needed if we are to give our children the best care and keep them safe.

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7. Disciplining

Parenting suggested, "although mothers discipline more often, fathers discipline with a firmer hand." This means that the disciplining that fathers do leaves a lasting impression on their child. The child can often push the limits with their mothers ... but know when their father disciplines, they need to take it seriously.

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As parents, in the heat of the moment you may not feel like you are making a difference, but that's not the case. Every father makes a difference in their child's life, no matter how involved or not involved they are. However, when it comes to the success of your child, the best kind of difference you can make is to involved in their lives. Ultimately, making an effort to be there for your children will keep them from physical and emotional harm, and give them a good role model of what their future family should look like.

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