Everyone knows it's great to be a kid. Why? Because kids really DO have it good. Granted, diaper rash and being told "no" many times by mom and dad aren't always that awesome, and other than a few things, your kids basically have it better than you.

These seven signs of childhood greatness might convince you to switch responsibilities for the day:

1. No hair, don't care

♡ I wish I slept that good... Best bedhead ever!!! #bedhead #sleeptight

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Kids just don't care about things like adults do. Besides wanting your sandwich sliced into triangles, there isn't much to care about. Things like responsibilities, co-workers and deadlines don't really exist as a kid, and you can forget about caring what other people think about you. Go ahead and wear your Elsa dress for the sixth day in a row; when you do this as a kid, it's considered cute instead of strange. On another note, either someone does your hair or you really don't care how it looks - which is truly liberating.

2. Table for one

As a kid, you might not be able to open the cookie jar yourself, but it's a fine trade-off to being waited on hand and foot. Snacks are constantly packed for every outing, meaning you are never really without an applesauce squeezer or packet of Goldfish. And when it comes to bed time, Mom and Dad have to (at least once) get out of bed just to get you a drink of water. Enjoy it now, because that VIP status doesn't even last into the teenage years.

3. Pillow time

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Scheduled naps do not exist in the adult world. That alone may take the cake on why being a kid is oh so much better than being an adult. How great would it be to get a mid-afternoon snooze when you get a little frustrated at work?

4. Fear factor

Receiving your milk in a yellow cup rather than a blue one may seem like a rational fear when you are 5, but not in the scheme of things. I'd take worrying about that over any of the other fears that plague my young adult life.

5. Freedom of speech

As a kid, you basically get an all-access pass to speak your mind. Curse words, impolite comments about someone's looks and other conversational faux pas are usually filmed on phones to be posted on Instagram. This does not carry over as an adult; other people aren't so happy about blunders like these as you get older.

6. You're no. 1

Everything you do as a kid is praised by adoring fans — even seemingly little things, like being a good eater or good sleeper. Can you imagine how encouraging that would be as an adult? You would be adored for being able to put the sticky notes back into your desk or hanging your keys on the key hook when you come home. When you are kid, people applaud your artwork based on principle instead of results, meaning you could color whatever you wanted and it would still end up on the fridge.

7. Very vogue

Why not wear shorts as a hat, or run around sans pants? As a kid, if you insist that you actually do want to wear rain boots in August, you probably will be able to. As an adult, I do suppose you could wear your boots in the rainless summer, but you are definitely prone to the judgment of others.

While naps, fruit snacks and princess dresses do sound wonderful, I don't suggest actually switching roles with your toddler ... but it would be nice.

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