Difficulties and trials are a part of every traveler's journey in life. Sometimes they make us and other times they break us and piece us together into something different. Either way, we come out of these difficulties a different person than we were when we went in. That is the nature of trials.

Some may turn to God in their difficulties, but what happens when we feel that God has abandoned us and forced us to face the darkness alone? Here are seven things to remember when you feel like God has abandoned you.

God loves you

God is your father, and He loves you with a love that is perfect and unending. You can trust in that. Because you are His child, He cares for you, watches over you, protects you and even mourns with you. We are put here in families with parents so we can understand the bond between parent and child. That love is only a fraction of the love your Heavenly Father feels for you. In the scriptures we are told that charity never faileth. Charity is pure love, and God's love will never fail you. Learn to love Him too so you can more fully feel His love around you.

Sometimes a good cry is necessary

Sometimes the anger and hate of the world is so painful that we harden our hearts so we can't feel the pain. The trouble with closing our hearts to pain is that once it's closed, love is also locked out. A good cry can help fix what sometimes needs to be broken. The pain and sorrow of a broken heart leaves spaces that God can fill -- that you can feel. A broken heart allows you to cry over the pain and sorrow of your trials, and allows God's love to heal the broken parts. In order for you to know God is there, you have to be able to feel His presence.

God will come to you if you ask

Often when we feel abandoned, the last thing we want to do is talk to the one who we feel has betrayed us. When it comes to God, however, the best thing you can do is talk to Him and tell Him how you feel. As your father, He wants to hear from you as often as you are willing to let Him be a part of your life. Not only will God listen to every prayer you speak, but He will come to you every time you ask for Him. He may not answer every prayer exactly the way you would like Him to, and He may not answer them immediately, but He will sit with you and comfort you while you wait. If you want God to walk with you, it's important that you talk to Him. Just ask.

God sees the end from the beginning

Because we are small human beings in a big world, we are so limited in our ability to see beyond what's right in front of us. God, on the other hand, is a supreme being, the creator of the universe, and more importantly, the creator of us. He knows where you're broken and where you need mending. He also knows the experiences needed to heal you. Each trial is part of the perfecting process so when we stand before Him, we can be our best selves. We do not see what He sees nor can we know what He knows. What we can do is trust that each experience He gives us is given to help us grow, to give us experience and to point us in the direction we need to go. Trust Him.

God is a God of goodness

Everything that is good comes from God. By the same token, everything that comes from God is good, even the hard things. If God is asking you to walk a certain path, know that it is for your good, for your better understanding and for your learning. God wouldn't require you to do something that was going to damage your soul. He is a God that desires to lift you up and make you better than you are. Sometimes, it is our own choices that put us in situations that are dangerous. When you find yourself in any situation that is not good, get out! God will not be there. God is a God of goodness and you will find Him in places of light. If you want to find God, look for those places of light and walk there.

We're not meant to suffer alone

Isolation can cause loneliness, discouragement and depression. It can rob people of their hope, their will and their self-worth. Trusted friends, on the other hand, can encourage, support, and ground us. They can guide us through troubled waters, offer a hand to hold and cheer us up when our hearts are heavy. A trusted friend can remind us of who we are and where we want to be. Some have been where we are before and can give us a far better perspective on how to travel safely to the other side. A good friend is God's way of sending an angel.

God never abandons His children

God is a God of love and a God of light. He is also our true father, a father who will never abandon His children. Although the world's fathers may, at times, fail their children, God is perfect and will never ever fail you. You are his precious, beautiful child and although He may at times test you, He will never, ever forsake you. Of this promise you can be sure. Believe in Him and keep moving forward.

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