It's a common trend for women and their mothers-in-law to have a little bit of rivalry. You might feel like your mother-in-law is too involved in your new life with your husband, but she might feel like you're stealing her son from her.

Whatever the case is for you, it's important to remember that the "monster-in-law" stigma isn't real. Here are seven things you should definitely thank your husband's mother for:

1. For choosing to give birth

Whether or not you've been pregnant yourself, you know childbirth isn't easy. However often you and your mother-in-law disagree, you have to admit she's one tough lady.

2. For letting you marry her son

When it came time to seal the deal, your husband probably asked your father for his blessing. Your family was involved in the process, but your husband's family wasn't nearly as involved. You didn't ask for his mother's blessing, but she gave it silently. And you're forever grateful for it.

3. For teaching him to take out the trash

She taught him how to do chores, and as he grew older, she helped him learn how to get things done without being asked asked to do so. (OK, maybe you still need to ask him sometimes.) But he's not clueless. And you have his mother to thank for that.

4. For teaching him to be kind

You notice all his little moments of kindness, like playing catch with the kids across the street or helping a widow pack up her things to move. He's a good man, and you're so thankful he had a mother who taught him how to reach out a hand to someone in need. You can't wait for him to be a father (if he isn't one already).

5. For sharing her recipes with you

It can get pretty competitive between in-laws when it comes to cooking, but nothing ever seems to beat mama's cooking. Sometimes, cooking for your husband can be more difficult than trying to get a seven-year-old to eat their veggies, so it means the world to you that she's trying to make things a little easier.

6. For putting up with his stinky socks

She dealt with all of his silly quirks and habits. We both love him so much, but seeing how patient she was with him makes you want to be a little more patient during the hard times, too.

7. For loving your children

Whatever the your relationship might be like, you have no doubt in your mind that she loves being (or can't wait to be) a grandmother. You know she will spoil your kids rotten, and you're worried that sometimes they might like grandma more than they like mommy. But you're so happy to have people in your life to love your children — and offer you an occasional break.

Whether or not you consider your mother-in-law your second mom, you have to admit she did a great job raising an incredible man. The next time you have a chance, be sure to thank her and tell her what an amazing woman she is.

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