To help out those young mommies, here are a few things you can expect in the not-so-distant future (so you're not caught completely off-guard!).

Hearing your teenager talk back

It's something all parents of older kids know about. And if you think your toddler's "no" is back-talk, just you wait. But remember — they really do love you, and this phase will pass.

Missing money in your wallet

Young moms don't have to hand out $20 for their son to go see a movie, but parents of teenagers may find themselves acting as a bank. It's important to teach your children the importance of saving money, and how to spend wisely.

Getting excited about a new vacuum

New baby clothes and strollers aren't exciting anymore. Parents of older children find joy in vacuums and vacations.

Receiving upsetting phone calls from school

The phone rings, and it's the school — again. Young parents don't have to deal with those parent-teacher conversations just yet.

Feeding your always-hungry teenager

FYI — your teenage son will still need help making his own sandwich. But just take pride in the fact that nothing tastes better (or is more comforting) to him than Mom's cooking.

Being outsmarted by your own children

You'll find yourself asking for your kids' help with electronics and slang terms, among other things.

Missing the "good old days"

Young mothers, you're in the "good old days." Learn to love each time your baby cries for your comfort, because one day she'll be a teenager crying over heartbreak. Love when your toddler makes a mess, because one day you'll have no more laundry to fold or dinners to make for him; and you'll miss it more than you think.

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