Aside from the positive effects on children, you may not have heard the other benefits of being a stay-at-home mom. While some think this an archaic pastime, others consider it one of the most important jobs in society. No matter what your thoughts on stay-at-home parents are, the following seven effects of being a stay-at-home mom benefit more than just those who live in their home.

1. A happier spouse

Having a spouse who stays home to take care of the house and family is a blessing. A stay-at-home spouse not only supports the working parent, making it easier for them to focus on work, but they have a well-working home that is stress-relieving as well. For more thoughts on this, read ABC News' article, "Being a Stay-at-Home Parent Is a Luxury, for Your Spouse."

2. Social capital

In an article published by the American Enterprise Institute, "social capital" was cited as one of the most important effects of stay-at-home wives.

According to the article, "social capital" is the academicians' term for the resource that makes American civil society work. It is organized things like teaching English to immigrants or serving on the town council. It is also the guy who shovels snow from the sidewalk of the old lady who lives alone across the street. It is parents at PTA meetings, churchgoers organizing Christmas plays, candy-stripers at the local hospital, and neighbors keeping an eye on each other's houses when no one is home."

3. Financial benefits

Yes, having a stay-at-home parent in the family can bring financial benefits. Of course, there may be some financial "sting," but having a parent stay home will, in turn, save on other costs.

An article from the U.S. News points out that sometimes it makes more financial sense for a family to have a stay-at-home parent rather than pay for child care. Money that would have been spent on transportation to work, possibly eating out for lunch and other expenses may be saved as well.

4. The popular hang-out

You probably know children benefit from having a stay-at-home mom, but what about the benefits to the friends of those children? Having a parent who is available during the hours after school gives your home the opportunity to become the popular place to hang out. If your home is where your kids and their friends gather, then you have the opportunity to make sure they are in a safe, supervised, yet fun environment.

An article from says, "Making your home the go-to spot for kids of all ages ensures that you know what your kids are up to, how they interact with their friends and if you like the dynamics of their group. Knowing who they are with and where they are can relieve some of the stress associated with raising tweens and teens."

5. Neighborhood safety

Neighborhood safety is so much more than just keeping an eye on each other's houses when no one is at home, though that is an important part of it. Other opportunities, such as having adults in the neighborhood while the children are walking home from school and keeping an eye on the open areas and parks in the area can help to maintain safety. Not to mention keeping an eye on other property, such as cars, packages, animals and pets, etc.

6. Better schools

Many schools ask for parent volunteers to come and help out in the classroom from time to time. Teaching can be a stressful job full of many responsibilities. Getting a little help from a parent can be a huge asset to a teacher. Not to mention that sometimes kids have an easier time learning from a fresh perspective.

7. Home upkeep

Having someone who is home during the day can be very helpful in running a household. Aside from the benefits to the all-important cleaning, yard maintenance, garden upkeep, meal prep and child care, parents at home can help in other areas as well. Packages that are dropped off in the middle of the day, visits from home-repair services during normal working hours, phone calls to companies that are only open from 9 to 5, scheduling doctor's visits, picking up sick children from school and running errands are just a couple of examples of what a stay-at-home parent can help with.

Only you can decide if a stay-at-home mom is a good idea or beneficial to your family. Though thankfully, stay-at-home parents benefit the community as a whole, fulfilling many needs that could only be met from someone in this valuable position.

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