Let's face it, no matter who you are, life is not always easy. There are times when even the best of us get derailed from the life we think we are headed for, and end up at what we believe is a dead end. In those moments when we despairingly wonder how we are ever going to get our life back on track, we have two choices. We can give up, or we can forge a new path by choosing to do things differently. At this crucial point in life, many choose to start seeing their world through the eyes of faith. Here are seven ways embracing faith will get your life on track.

1. With Faith comes Strength

Sometimes, when our life gets derailed, it is because we have been trying to do things on our own. When we embrace faith, we begin to realize we do not have to rely on our own strength to accomplish things. God will always be there to strengthen us when we ask for his help. We can accomplish much more when we allow God to be our partner in life and work with him to shape us into the best possible version of ourselves. God knows us each by name because he is our father and when we embrace faith, we are essentially coming home. With his help, we can do all things.

2. With Faith comes Love

When we embrace faith, not only does that choice bring God into our life, and allow us to feel his presence and love, it also brings the love of others. Most faiths have a group of followers who create a community of love. Not only do they have love to share, but as a collective whole, they have a large pool of resources to help anyone who has been derailed get their life in order. They care for one another, watch over one another, and serve one another. Even in your darkest hour, the love of another can lift you from your sadness and help make your burdens lighter. Talking to a trusted friend who loves you without judgment can make all the difference when you're overcoming addictions and striving to get your life back on a track that will take you to a better life ahead.

3. With Faith comes Purpose

Many times we get derailed because we've forgotten where we're going. Our destination is muddled because our purpose for continuing is unclear. When we embrace faith, with it comes knowledge of why we are here and where we are going. We gain a clearer understanding of God's purpose for our life and what we can do to better fulfill his plan for us. We can move forward in life with a clear knowledge of what path to take because we know our final destination, to live with God in Heaven.

4. With Faith comes Light

One reason we find ourselves at a dead end is because we don't have the light to help us see beyond the darkness. When we choose faith, we are given the ability to communicate directly with God. Not only do we have the opportunity to speak directly to him, but we have the privilege of receiving personal revelation directly from his holy spirit. His light will enlighten us and give us the help that we need to overcome the darkness. When we choose faith, God literally speaks to us and guides us in the direction we should go that is best for our life. We are literally children of God and he yearns for the opportunity to speak to us. When we choose faith, we open our hearts and allow those beautiful moments to happen.

5. With Faith comes Hope

When we embrace faith, hope becomes our guiding star. We are able to reach for things that we once thought were impossible because we begin to trust in God's promises of salvation. Hope motivates us to keep moving forward when reason tells us to give up. Hope allows us to seek for the optimistic side of every situation and allows us to see the positive within ourselves. Hope is what carries us out of circumstances that others see as hopeless and gives us the courage to climb impossible mountains.

6. With Faith comes Peace

Embracing faith brings peace of mind, body and spirit. When we learn to trust God, and trust that he has a plan for us, we recognize that he would never allow us to experience anything that wasn't for our good and growth. We can move forward in our life and walk through our challenges with the certainty that God knows what is best for us and he will deliver us from our difficulties. Faith gives us peace through understanding we are God's children and he will come to our rescue.

7. With Faith comes Joy

The joy we can experience by embracing faith comes not only when we are able to get our life back on track, but is increased tenfold when we help others get their lives in order. There is joy in service and as we embrace faith, it enlivens us with God's spirit and gives us the desire to share that spirit of joy with others. Through serving others, not only can we find greater fulfillment in our own life, but we can make a difference in the lives of those around us.

It's remarkable what embracing faith can do when you feel you've reached a dead end in your life. By adding God's strength to your own, you have the ability to overcome any obstacle placed before you. Whether it's turning a corner or forging a new road, God will help you get on track and give you all the tools you need for a happy and successful life.

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