Ladies, pregnancy is wonderful. But when morning sickness hits, your clothes start getting tight, and you eventually begin waddling, you'll be craving comfort worse than pickles. Keep in mind these things that help make the journey a bit more comfortable.

Get and wear clothes that fit

I know it feels like you need to try fitting into your regular clothes as long as possible during pregnancy. But this only causes feelings of uncomfortable chubbier-than-normal self-consciousness. The first time you slip on a pair of maternity pants, it's like an "I don't have buttons digging into my stomach all day anymore" miracle. You'll wonder why you didn't switch to these amazing, stretchy things earlier. Plus, preggo clothes offer some cute options - you may just have to look around. Leggings and long, stretchy shirts are comfortable options throughout pregnancy.

Put your feet up

Find some time throughout the day to rest and put your feet up. Taking some stress off of your tired legs can be a nice refresher. Read or take a short nap if you are able. Also, laying on your left side is preferable, as it is best for circulation.

Go to bed early, and use a body pillow

When you're pregnant and tired - which is like, always - you can feel a little zombie-esque. And uncomfortable sleep can be a regular occurrence during pregnancy. Try to go to bed at a decent time so you're getting more sleep. And get a body pillow (Seriously - you're welcome for that one).

Eat healthy, but give in to a craving once in a while

When you eat crappy, you feel crappy. The same happens while pregnant, but I think even more so, as bloating can be a common feeling due to the wee one already taking up room in your tummy. Try to eat healthy. But when donuts sound incredible, have one now and then to satisfy that craving. Also, be sure to drink a ton of water. Drinking enough water throughout your pregnancy is necessary for both you and your little one and comes along with many other benefits.

Slather on the lotion

Experts' opinions differ on whether regularly slathering up your stomach in lotion reduces stretch marks, but it's worth a try. And even if it doesn't, regularly putting lotion on - after a shower is a good time to remember and be consistent about it - will make your skin look and feel better, which is just an added bonus. Bio-oil is a good option for healthy, glowing skin and can be found at most major stores. (Tip: Check the prices on their websites before buying it — they will usually price match if you find a lower price). Palmer's also offers some great pregnancy lotion options.

And remember, if you do get stretch marks, they are simply reminders of the beautiful little one your body was able to bring into this world - no shame in that whatsoever. Plus, they usually fade with time.


Exercising will do wonders for your mood. A nice walk outside can be just what you need to get yourself feeling better. Just be sure to stay within the guidelines your doctor has given you. Check out these tips for exercising while pregnant.


Again, don't overdo it — but stretching feels awesome when you have crampy legs after being on your feet. Give these stretches a try for some much-needed relaxation.

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