God is everywhere, but sometimes we struggle to find Him. This can be especially difficult when we are troubled by the world around us and when we are unsure which direction to go.

While doing my own searching for God, I looked up the word "find" on Dictionary.com. What I read inspired me.

Here are seven definitions of "find" and how those definitions help us find God.

1. Meet with

If we want to find God, it is important we meet with Him often. The best place to meet with God is in His house. There are houses of worship all over the world where God's presence can be found.

Nature is another place where God's spirit is often present. As we take the time to meet with God, we will recognize Him in our lives more often. He will become familiar to us; and, as we learn to love Him, we will find He will come to meet with us.

2. Attain by search or effort

The archaic meaning of "attain" is "to touch." In order to "touch" heaven, the place of light and love, we have to be filled with light and love ourselves.

We accomplish this through diligent effort and constant searching for God. If we do not seek, we will not find. If we want to find God, we have to be willing to search for Him, to develop the characteristics that bring us closer to Him and to put our greatest effort into this process.

3. Locate or recover (something lost or misplaced)

If you want to find God, it is important for your beliefs and desires to be righteous.

If you have misplaced or misguided ideas of who God is and what He does for you, ask for the gift of understanding so you can recognize truth from lies. God will give us any gift we desire if we ask with our hearts and if we are ready for it and willing to use the gift.

The gift of understanding helps you locate and recover all truth you are willing to look for.

4. Perceive after consideration

To perceive means "to recognize, discern, envision, or understand."

Part of finding God is learning to first understand who He is and recognizing Him when He comes. To envision is to ponder. Both perceiving and pondering are actions that require your mind to see what your eyes cannot.

Close your eyes and envision yourself standing before God when you pray. Envision hearing the answers He gives back to you. This is carefully perceiving the things of heaven.

5. Gain or regain the use of

We were all born with the influence of Jesus. It flows through us and through everything on earth. Jesus and God's power created the world and formed all things.

When we seek God, we are trying to gain His influence, power and light. As we do this, we are given a greater understanding of how to use these gifts. Through the light of Jesus, we gain access to God's spirit which will guide and direct us in all we do.

The more we listen to God's voice and do as He directs, the more He speaks to us.

6. Ascertain by study

One of the best ways to find God is through studying the Bible. The Bible is God's word given directly to His people. God is throughout the pages, and all things in the Bible testify of Him.

As we study the Bible, we not only gain knowledge of who God is but also begin to understand what it feels like when He is near us. Sacred experiences come as you take the time to study the Bible.

7. Feel

It is impossible to find God if your heart is not open. To know God is to love Him and to feel His presence all around you. What you know of God is minimal compared to what you learn when you open your heart to feel Him.

As you open your heart, you will come to rely on how you feel much more than on what you hear and see. Learn to feel, and Heaven will open to you.

God is real. He is waiting for us to come to Him. The more we seek Him, the greater the treasures about Him we will find. Then, one day we will know Him completely, and there will be no more room for doubt. We will believe with all our hearts because it is in our hearts He dwells.

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