We all know that person who is absolutely impossible to shop for during the holiday season. Either they have everything they need and have no preference on gifts, or they don't give you any hints about things they would want.

Whatever their circumstances, here are eight gifts to give the person in your life who already has everything.

1. Give an experience

If you can't think of anything they need, consider gifting them an experience. Perhaps a concert, theater tickets or pay for them to take a photography or sport class. Whatever the experience is, choose something they are passionate about. From experience comes beautiful memories, which are priceless.

2. Give a monthly subscription

Give them the gift that keeps on giving! There is a variety of subscription services you can sign up for these days. There are subscriptions meant for bookworms, makeup fanatics, fitness enthusiasts and craft lovers that send out a monthly package filled with fun goodies to indulge in. And let's face it, everyone loves getting packages in the mail no matter what time of year it is.

3. Give a membership

Has your sweetheart been complaining about exercising in the living room every day? A year-long gym membership is both a productive and thoughtful gift to give someone who loves to exercise or someone who just wants to get in shape. There are also memberships to Netflix for movie fanatics or annual passes to amusement parks for the folks who just love a good time.

4. Give comfort

Let this person lose themselves in something cozy they can use every day. Perhaps a luxury blanket, a giant bean bag chair or maybe a bottle of their favorite perfume to spritz on every day. Whatever the luxury may be, gifts like these definitely get the job done when it comes to comfort.

5. Give rest

Everyone loves being treated to dinner or a movie, especially those who forget to take time for themselves. Gift cards for restaurants or movies are always an easy way to give a meaningful gift, as well as one that can be used at a convenient time. Everyone deserves to relax and enjoy something they love from time to time, and gift cards a great reminder for them to do so.

6. Give your heart

If this person could use something meaningful and full of love, there is no better gift to give than something you make yourself. The most precious gifts are usually not found in a store. Make a scrapbook of all of your greatest adventures together, or use your artistic talents or crafty mind to create something thoughtful and one-of-a-kind for them.

7. Give something personal

When gifts are personalized, it makes them worth so much more. There are many sincere gifts you can have engraved with someone's name or significant dates in your relationship. Personalization takes gift-giving to a whole new level.

8. Give charity

A beautiful gift for someone who has everything is to instead give to someone who has nothing. If this person is truly happy and they have everything they need, then giving them the gift of service is a rewarding option. Making a donation in their name makes for a very personal and humbling gift.

For example, there are many people in Africa who don't have access to light. This hinders their ability to access water, care for family members and become educated. The small gift of a flashlight makes all the difference for these people. Companies like Zero Impact Living are working to give light to people in Somalia and Uganda. You can be a part of this effort by donating a flashlight on behalf of someone who has everything.

There is no greater way to get into the holiday spirit than by taking the time to share light and service with others this season, either anonymously or in someone else's name.

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