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Do you know a good mother who feels completely sure she's doing a good job and never criticizes herself? Most likely not. We all want the best for our children so much that we are terrified of making mistakes. All moms are quick to notice our failures and slow to realize that we are doing a good job. Even the best mom doubts herself.

But being critical (even if it seems negative) is the first sign that you're a great mom. You are aware of the things you can do better. Moms who don't care how their children are raised don't analyze their parenting strategies and don't criticize themselves.

These eight signs will help you understand that no matter what doubts you have, you're a great mom:

1. You doubt yourself

Your child's development is important to you, so you doubt your ability to teach her and help her grow. But you do your best anyway. Even though you aren't perfect, you understand that you can help your child learn important skills and understand what is right and wrong.

2. You're exhausted

If you feel exhausted or overwhelmed, it's not because you don't do enough. You go beyond what your body allows to get things done. If you're tired, you are a great mom.

3. You follow your intuition

Don't drown yourself with advice from other mothers who think they know how to raise your children better than you do. Follow your intuition and do what your conscience tells you is right. You know to follow your gut.

4. You learn from your children

Our children may be the wisest teachers. A childlike innocence is something we could all learn from. If you listen and learn from your children, you're doing an amazing job.

5. Your children eat before you do

Making sure your kids have food before you sit down to eat may sound like a simple thing, but it is an unmistakable sign of love.

6. You don't compare your children to others

If you realize that your neighbor's child learned to walk before yours, you don't assume something is wrong. You understand that each child is unique and grow at their own pace. You love your children for their individuality.

7. You discipline your children

You're not blind when your little angel does something wrong. You recognize when you have to intervene, and discipline your child when needed.

8. You comfort your children

Your children run to you when they need a hug, no matter their age or the situation, from a small scratch to a broken heart. They trust and love you, and always will.

If you can relate to at least one of these things, then relax, you're a great mom! Remember, youare your child's mother. You are unique and irreplaceable. No one but you can do a better job at raising your children.

This article has been adapted and translated from the original, "8 señales INDISCUTIBLES de que estás siendo una EXCELENTE MAMÁ, aunque sientas lo contrario." It was originally published on familias.com.

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