Sometimes toddlers get a bad rap. Some adults roll their eyes when a couple arrives with their 2-year-old in tow because they don't call it the "terrible 2's" for nothing.

But to all those people who groan when someone walks into a restaurant with a diaper bag in one arm, and a 2-year-old in the other, here are 8 reasons you might be worse than that toddler:

1. You're overly concerned with self-image

Bed hair, don't care.

Toddlers don't mind wearing the same shirt two days in a row and some spilled jam sure doesn't bother them. They don't worry about looking fat or that their nose is an unusual shape.

Toddlers are overjoyed to find a mirror and love every picture of themselves (even without a filter).

2. You trash talk your friends

Toddlers have disagreements with their friends, but they take care of it then and there. Once they've solved the issue of who gets to draw with the pink glitter pen, they're over it.

3. You text when you're with other people

Maybe they're only hindered by the fact that they don't have phones, or that their spelling skills are limited, but no toddler I've met chooses to text while pretending to listen to me.

4. You don't tell it like it is

Veiling their true feelings is not something that toddlers do well. If they are mad, they'll let you know it and there's none of that 'too cool for school' business.

5. You play the victim

If you've spent any time with toddlers, you know they're masters at problem-solving.

It's almost impossible to take a bathroom break because a high shelf or a closed door isn't enough to prevent a toddler from getting those chocolate chips that she wants (and throwing them all over the floor).

Somehow, many people have lost their natural ability to find solutions to their problems.

6. You take pictures of your food

When I'm with toddlers, we don't have to stop our meal so they can rearrange their bowl of macaroni and cheese, snap photos from different angles, and upload it to Instagram.

7. You always need to be entertained

I'm not saying toddlers have a great threshold for boredom (because they don't). But they are easily entertained. I mean, getting a package in the mail is like a goldmine. They don't care if the package has the iPhone 14 in it. They're happy with the cardboard box and bubble wrap.

8. You make assumptions

Toddlers don't decide that if you don't have a job, you're lazy. If your hair is blue, you're a rebel. To a toddler, a tiara may signify that you are an extra special person. To a shy kid, the fact that you're a stranger could be cause for concern, but in general, toddlers are pretty accepting folks.

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