Since we are such great influences on the lives of our children, it is important to encourage them and express our love not only with the words "I love you", but also through our actions and examples.

The majority of children see their parents as great mentors and heroes. It's no wonder that many children, when asked what they want to be when they grow up, report that they wish to go into the same profession as their parents.

Do not miss the many opportunities you have each day to encourage and build your little ones. Make sure they grow up feeling loved and fully capable of pursuing and living their dreams.

Here are eight things you should be saying to your children every day:

1. You can do it

Small tasks that need to be done at school or around the house may seem difficult, or impossible, to your little ones because they have a limited view of their abilities. At this point, it is important for parents to encourage their children and remind them that they have the capability to do what is required of them.

2. Do not give up

Encourage your children to persist even in the face of all the difficulties that may arise in their lives. Remind them not to give up, but to believe. Repeat this phrase whenever you can so your children will always remember the importance of persevering.

3. I believe in you

Show your children that you are their number one fan. Show them you truly believe in their capabilities and know the potential they possess.

4. You are smart

A child that feels less intelligent than others will often surrender at the first sign of difficulty, claiming they are simply "not smart enough." To prevent your children from falling into this defeated outlook, praise their intelligence whenever you can.

5. We learn with practice

When you first start something, you are often faced with major difficulties. However, over time, practice makes everything look simpler. The task or problem itself has not changed, but the ability to perform has been increased. Make sure your children learn this early on.

6. Always do your best

It is important to teach your children that in any situation they find themselves they should always perform to the very best of their abilities and never accept anything less.

7. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

This old saying is an important value to the present day where society dictates the rule of advantage. Children need to learn to be kind and gentle from an early age to be better prepared to go out into the world someday.

8. I'm always here whenever you need me

Parents should create a feeling of safety and security for their children. Your kids need to know and feel that they will never be alone because their parents and family members will always be there for them.

The little things you do every day can instill values ""‹in your children that will help them grow into confident and happy children and future adults. Be sure to teach your little ones whenever you have a chance.

This article is a translation and adaption of the original article, "8 coisas que você precisa dizer a seus filhos todos os dias." It has been republished here with permission.

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