We all love weddings. It is so fun to get together with good friends or family and celebrate the joys of love. Sometimes things don't go according to plan, and sometimes the littlest ones at the wedding steal the show.

1. Everyone stopped when he pulled up

Cute or what? ? ?:@tomasz_kornas

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2. She was shy but still stole the show

3. She stopped the dance party when she got tired

4. He was a party animal and loved getting his picture taken

5. Make sure to keep track of the kids

6. Mozart showed up to the wedding

Mini Mozart ?

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7. He's been taking karate and knew the best way to break up the cake

8. Remember always use the bathroom before the ceremony starts

Bonus: Don't let others stop you from dancing the way you want to

Children really are the best! They make us laugh and remind us to stop taking life so seriously and simply enjoy living.

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