Congratulations, you've made it through the newborn and infant stage of your child's life. Welcome to parenting a toddler. This is such a fun stage; this is the point at which children really start to develop personalities and become more playful. However, this stage also brings one of the most dreaded tasks of parenting-potty training. Contrary to what a lot of veteran parents will tell you, there is nothing to fear. Potty training is not as hard and stressful as everyone makes it out to be. The following tips will help you on your potty training journey:

Wait till they are ready

Dry mornings and naptimes, interest in using the potty, and asking to be changed when their diaper is wet or poopy are all signs that your child could be ready for potty training. This is one of the most important parts of potty training. Although every child's readiness varies, typically the longer you wait the more ready they will be, thus the easier potty training will become.

Pick the way in which you are going to potty train

There are tons of potty training techniques available on the Internet or in books. No one way is the correct way; find one, or several, that you think will work best for you. You can also just go with your instincts, as parents typically know best.

Put away diapers and let them pick out their own underwear

Find underwear with a print or pattern that will interest your child. Little girls may like underwear with pictures of Disney princesses, while boys might prefer images of trucks.

Buy a potty chair that goes on the ground, and one for your toilet

Start with the one on the floor. At first, the more readily assessabled the toilet is, the better. When you think that your child is ready, you can move them to the one that sits on your toilet. This will eliminate your need to clean the potty chair out after every use.

Bribery is OK

Use whatever you think will work for the child, be it candy, stickers, or toys. Feel free to use whatever gets them to go (within reason).

Put a pull-up diaper over undwear when you're out and about

To help in the training, it's important that your child be able to feel when they are wet. With a pull-up over their underwear, they will be able to feel the wetness, but without creating a mess. When you first arive at your destination, take your child directly to the restroom, so that they are aware that a toilet is available.

Put on a Happy Face

Setbacks and accidents are expected; stay positive while the child is still learning.

Be Prepaired to Wait

Don't stress if it doesn't work the first time; put the underwear away for a few weeks or months and try again later. Typically, unsuccessful potty training simply means your child isn't ready.

Potty training is only as difficult as you make it. With the use of these tips anyone can have a positive experience undertaking the task.

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