Today's job market is difficult and competitive for those without any education beyond a high school diploma. If you have a child who doesn't want to go to college, try one of the following eight tricks to convince them that college is worth it:

1. Say, "which college" not "if college"

As your children grow up, ask them what college they are going to. Don't ask them if they plan on going to college, but let them know that you expect them to.

2. Identify and target their interests

Knowing your child's interests is the key to this trick, so pay attention to the things that fascinate them. If they love video games, there is a degree for designing and testing those games. For children who love the outdoors, consider recreational management or some sort of environmental degree.

No matter your child's passion, there is a degree out there for them. Even children who want to go into a trade like woodworking should be encouraged to attend business college. When your child realizes college will help them achieve their dreams, they will be more likely to want to get a degree, and begin searching for their calling in life.

3. Time to start fresh

High school might have been horrible for your children, but college gives them an opportunity to start anew. They can cast aside previous expectations and reinvent themselves. College isn't anything like high school. Teach them that college allows you to focus on the kind of studies they are interested in. They will find kindred spirits who think just like they do.

4. College is fun

Sure there is studying, homework and tests, but there are also clubs and fun school activities. College is one of the few times in life when you can explore your interests. Most colleges offer various courses. Your children don't have to enroll in strict academic classes, they can also implement a fun class every semester.

5. Visit campuses

Take your children to visit different college campuses near you. Allow them to go on guided tours. This will let them get a taste of what college is like. Exposing them to college life might excite your child enough and help them focus on getting into college without your encouragement.

While your children may not believe you when you say college is fun and beneficial, they might believe a current college student.

6. College sports

You could be on the playing field, court or up in the stands, but no matter where you are, college sports are a blast. They are bigger and much more fun than any high school games, and student sections are often a chaotic riot. This could be especially appealing to your children who love playing or watching sports.

7. Meet new people

Not only will your children meet and make lots of friends, they might meet the one for them. This could be especially appealing to some of your hopelessly romantic children, but for those who are more into finding lifelong friends, college provides great networking opportunities.

8. Year off school

Are your children tired of school and just want a break? Well give them that break with a few stipulations. They can live at home for a year, but they need find a job and pay you for rent and food. At the end of the year, they can either move out or go to college. You are willing to help them pay for school, but if they choose not to go, they are on their own.

Taking a year off will help your children learn responsibility and ease them into the difficulties of the real world, which may motivate them to pursue a degree.

As your children grow up, put an emphasis on education and the impact it may have had on your life. If you prioritize learning and education, your children will too.

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