Life is a journey over a hard and rocky road. We all experience pain along the way. Sometimes it is self-inflicted through our own choices. Sometimes it is at the hands of others, and sometimes it is simply the nature of life. Faith can help heal all wounds.

1. Have faith in prayer

. Prayer can bring you comfort and strength to change. When you pray, you can feel God's love for you. He can send thoughts to your mind that will guide and help you get through each day. Have faith that when you ask for help, God will send it.

2. Have faith in God's word

. Reading the scriptures and holy writings of your faith, as well as words of inspiration, can be a great source of strength during trials. It can give us direction and provide examples of other great men and women who suffered and healed.

3. Have faith in your divine nature

. God is our creator and the Father of us all. Too often, we see ourselves as failures; too weak to overcome the challenges and difficulties that come our way. God sees us differently. As children of God, we have been given talents and abilities to help us grow and triumph over all things. Yet, it is a process. I believe that God is patient when we falter, and proud when we conquer.

4. Have faith in God's wisdom

. Pain has a purpose. It always brings about change. You may feel remorse for past mistakes, which leads you to make different choices. You certainly feel greater compassion for others who are going through difficult times. You grow in patience, humility and empathy. You become a better person; the person God wants you to be. Honor the growth you have made.

5. Have faith in God's plan

. Our unfulfilled expectations can be a source of pain. Perhaps a relationship that you hoped would last a lifetime falls apart. Maybe you are unable to follow the career of your choice. You can heal from disappointments when you accept that God has a plan for you. It includes the greatest potential for happiness.

When I became ill with a chronic illness, many things in my life changed. I had to abandon many of the activities that I enjoyed, and I could no longer work in the field that I had chosen. I went through a grieving process as I let go of my old life. However, I had faith that God would help me build a meaningful, satisfying life within my new limitations. I pursued my life-long dream of becoming a writer, and I have had unexpected opportunities become available to me.

6. Have faith in God's blessings

. When we are in pain, it is often difficult to see the blessings in our life. They are always there. Look for and recognize your blessings. Cultivate gratitude. Appreciate the people in your life and the love and support they give you. Enjoy the beauties of nature. Change your perspective and recognize that even trials and challenges are blessings because they give you an opportunity to grow.

My children have been a great source of blessings for me in my life. They give me hugs, say funny things and amaze me as I watch them grow. One of my favorite sounds is listening to my children laugh. Hearing their laughter is a sure way to bring to my mind the abundant blessings that God has given me.

7. Have faith in God's commandments

. Following God's commandments is the pathway back to joy. One of the things he has asked of us is that we forgive others. When we forgive someone who has hurt us, we are not saying that his behavior is OK. Rather, we voluntarily exchange our hurt and anger for peace of mind. Forgiveness hastens the healing process.

It is also important that we learn to forgive ourselves. Too often, we beat ourselves up for our mistakes over and over again. For some reason, it is easier to imagine that God will forgive others, but we believe that we are somehow beyond his grace. Let go of your past, learn from it, forgive yourself, and move on.

8. Have faith in God's perspective

. Remembering that there is life beyond death can help you keep things in perspective. Instead of railing against the unfairness of life, you can be more accepting of your circumstances. Understand that God will reward you for your faithfulness in all things, and that he will right all wrongs that have happened to you. Believing that you will be reunited with your parted loved ones someday can bring you comfort.

I know that it is possible that I will never heal from my chronic illness. If I thought that this life was the end of existence, I would surely feel cheated out of many wonderful experiences. Because I believe in a life after death, I feel that there will always be much to look forward to.

We cannot avoid the bumps and bruises of life, but faith can help us heal from our wounds.

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