Summer is officially here, and that means it's time for family vacations. Whether you are traveling near or far, it can be easy for the trip to end in tears and frustration. No matter where you are going this summer, avoid these 8 things guarenteed to ruin your family vacation.

Pack the office

Does your job require a lot of your time, whether you're in office or abroad? Then by all means, bring work with you on vacation. While your family is enjoying one another's company, you will be on and off the phone, stressing out about how to complete an important project when you have terrible Wi-Fi everywhere you go. Fun, fun, fun.

No matter what job you have, do your best to put it on hold while on vacation. Time spent your family during a getaway should be stress-free and your mind and body a much needed break from your regular work routine.

Live and breathe by the calendar

If you're not looking for rest and relaxation, go ahead and schedule way too many activities. You will be rushing everywhere to make sure you are at your scheduled events on time, and will be burnt out before the day is even over. Exhausted kids make everything better.

It makes sense that you and your family want to see everything your vacation destination has to offer, but running around non-stop will cause unneeded stress and pressure. Plan for some of bigger activities that require reservations, then leave room for other activities, if time allows.

Or, at all costs, don't plan ahead

Opposite of the previous point is to not plan ahead at all. Avoid seeing what's out there by figuring it all out as you go. Wasting vacation time figuring out something to do is a great way to spend your days away from home. You'll return with loads of regrets because you didn't call for reservations or didn't know you could actually sleep over on the Great Wall of China. Awesome.

Planner or not, having somewhat of a plan in place is better than not having one at all. Even if you don't make reservations or events, at least decide which days are beach days and which ones will be spent hiking. This will give your family something to look forward to instead of listless days of "now what?"

Skip out on sunblock

Looking to get some color on your pale, ghost-like skin? Don't wear any sunblock while you are out in the sun, at least for the first day or two. There's no harm in that right?

Wrong. Instantly ruin your family trip by not applying sunblock on your sunny vacation. Even if it doesn't look like you are getting any sun, the results will be staring at you (lobsterlike) in the hotel mirror that night. Avoid spending your trip sporting painful burns and possible blisters by applying plenty of sunblock...all day, every day.

Let loose on the credit card

Sticking to a set budget is smart, but if you're on vacation and want to have a good time...who cares about money!

Your extravagant spending might make the vacation rock, but your frustration when you get home is not worth it. Coming home to bills that need paying, and possible home repairs that need fixing is going to be terrible if you've spent all your money vacationing. Stay within a pre-planned budget to make life less stressful, both during and after your vacation.

Avoid flexibility

Once a plan has been created, it's important to follow it. Crucial, even. Rain or shine, the plan stays. Any events that come up are out of the question; they are clearly not part of the plan. Once you have a scheule, there is no going back, no matter how much more fun something else may be.

You may have regrets if you are a strict plan-follower. Enjoy whatever comes your way and alter your plans if something better comes up.

Repeat, redo, and rerun

If you're returning to a family favorite vacation spot, you may think you are all set. Of course you'll just do the same things you've done in the past, right? Why venture out and try new activities if you already know what your family enjoys? Don't change up your routine if you don't want to create new memories.

If you want to be a little more adventurous, try new activities and create new memories with your family. Take some time to experience all your vacation spot has to offer, even if it's never been tried before.

Look at everything through a camera lens

It seems everyone is constantly snapping photos and selfies to post to popular social sites. Join them! If you could care less about living in the moment and making off-camera memories with your family, keep looking through the lens of your camera instead of seeing it with your own eyes.

You're only on vacation for a small amount of time before you have to go back to your regular routine. Enjoy all there is to offer while you are there, instead of trying to remember what your trip was like through photos.

Vacations don't need to be stressful, or put everyone in a bad mood. Keep things flexible, fun, and smart to make sure that your family remembers this vacation fondly.

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