Kids say the darndest things, and one Reddit thread proves that this timeless saying is still going strong.

Here are nine instances when kids proved they can be the rudest little humans on Earth while still being just so adorable.

1. The juice enthusiast

So my nearly 3 year old just said, "Daddy, I love you". I said back, "awww, I love you too, little man", to which he then replied, "No! Silly Daddy, I said, I love juice."

2. When you get the wrong message

When my daughter was little she was in the back seat of her car with her stuffed animal and said, "I love you!" Of course I replied, "I love you too, sweetie."

She replied, voice dripping with 3 year old scorn, "I was talking to Piggy!"

I died a little that day.

3. Suck up

I like when my 2.5 year old says "I love you dada" and then asks me for a lolly at 8am. After I say no he says "I don't like you dada"

4. That's what happens when you nurse someone who can talk

My 2 year old still breastfeeds once or twice a day. She hugs me and says, "I love you, milk."

5. Say it back

Yesterday I [told] my son (2.5 years) I loved him. He looked thoughtful for a minute and then replied "I really love popcorn."

6. Protect the Shopkins at all costs

I tripped over my kid's toys and she yelled "be careful!".

I thought she cared for my well being so I said "aww, I'm okay honey, thank you for being thoughtful".

She replied "no, you need to be careful so you don't destroy my toys!"

She was three at the time.

7. Well the bear probably doesn't make him eat his veggies

My son talking to his favorite bear: I love you. Me to son: Aww, that's sweet. Do you love mommy, too? Son: No.

8. The stinky-prickly police

Had this conversation recently with my almost 4-year-old.

daughter: I love you and also I love mommy

me: I love you too!

daughter: But, I want to grow up to be like mommy, and not you

me: Oh yeah? Why is that?

daughter: Your feet are kind of stinky and a little bit prickly.

Well thanks for that confidence booster.

9. Every parent has been there

Yesterday my 24 month old cried "Get a different mommy!" because I wouldn't let her watch YouTube.

Don't worry parents - you're child isn't abnormally rude! Eventually they'll realize you're pretty great. In the meantime, write that good stuff down.

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