Starting our morning with God opens the door for inspiration, direction, and protection in our lives. But how do we do that when it seems the moment our feet hit the floor life is flying by at a million miles a minute?

Between getting kids ready for school, myself ready for work, and the thousand and one things that come up in between, some mornings I'm lucky to leave the house with matching clothes and brushed teeth. Forget about quiet mediation time with God. I'm just trying to find my shoes and remember my kids' names.

However, on the days that I do invite God into my day, things seem to go better. I feel better, I can see better, I can be better. And isn't that what we all want, divine help throughout the day from the God who created and cares for us? But how can we find time for Him with the demands of each new day?

Luckily, these nine low-maintenance things you can do to start your morning with God.

Set your alarm five minutes earlier than normal

When your alarm goes off, hit the snooze and talk to God rather than falling back to sleep. Prayers don't belong only to those on their knees. God wants to hear from you anytime, anywhere. As you are waking up, talk with Him. Review your day ahead with Him. Ask Him for the help you'll need to take care of all that lies before you. He will not only listen, but will offer you the help He knows you need.

Shower Him with gratitude

While you're in the shower shaving your legs or letting your conditioner set, tell God the things you're thankful for. Are you grateful for warm water on a cold morning? Are you grateful for your family and friends, your home and your job? An attitude of gratitude can not only change our perspective, but bring us closer to God as we realize all the good things He has blessed us with.

Put a penny in your shoe

It may sound strange, but try it. Every time you feel the penny, talk to God. At the end of the day when you review your day with God, it is less of a report and more of a, "Hey, do you remember this and that?" because God will have been with you the whole time.

Pray over your breakfast

Whether it's a sit down at the table or a grab and go, it takes less than a minute to thank God for your meal and ask Him to bless it. It's another way to bring Him into your morning, and I'm pretty sure it lowers the calorie intake as well.

Have morning family prayer

Before you run out the door, why not take thirty seconds and have a family prayer? Grab whoever is awake and at home and invite them to pray with you. It not only invites God into their day as well, but will bring a peaceful feeling into your home.

Turn off the radio

If you commute to work, rather than turning on the news or the tunes, try leaving the radio off and having a conversation with God. Talk to Him about your goals and aspirations. Open up and let Him in. Don't worry; the people in the cars next to you will think you're talking on your Bluetooth, so pray away!

Read a verse of scripture

There's a saying that says when you want to talk to God, pray, and when you want to hear Him, read the bible. Place your bible by your bedside the night before. In the morning before your feet hit the floor, grab it and read a verse or two or three. You might be surprised that it is the very thing you needed to hear that day.

Look outside

God created every beautiful thing for us. What better way to start your morning with Him than taking notice of the evidence of His love for you right outside your window?


We talk to God through our thoughts and words. He talks to us through thoughts and feelings. As you take different opportunities to talk with God, be sure to take some time to listen to Him when you're finished. No one likes a one-sided conversation. I wouldn't' think He would either. He not only want to listen to you, but to share with you how He feels about you, how He can help you, and what He has in store for you.

God wants loves you and wants to be part of your life. And now, with these nine simple ways, it is that much easier for you to invite Him in. They are simple and small but the reward will be great.

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