Sometimes the hardest part of having kids is teaching them how to be good and helpful citizens. You need to teach them the importance of accomplishing tasks. You want them to listen and work hard, but how do you teach them? How do you remind them of their chores?

We all have heard of chore charts, and they seem like an easy way to teach your kids about responsibility. Many parents find a chore chart provides a great way for children to visually see when they have chores and what they need to do.

The hardest part of using chore charts in parenting is finding one that will work for your family and one that children will actually be excited to use.

Here are nine of the best chore charts I've found:

1. The chart is great because it's somewhere everyone can see what they're supposed to be doing and it's individually adaptable.

2. I love how this chart is age appropriate

3. You don't have to just use paper, nor is your chore chart limited only to daily tasks

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4. This chart allows for specific or general chores. You can change their requirements everyday without changing the chart.

5. Not only is it colorful, but it also breaks up the day so your child doesn't feel overwhelmed.

6. Let your children pick what tasks they get to do

7. I love how this chart has fun things the children need to do too

8. This chart is great because the kids don't only interact with it when they are checking off tasks

9. For children who can't read yet

If you are thinking about using a chore chart don't be afraid to combine ideas or take things from one chart you love and put it into another. Chore charts are flexible and the most important thing is to find one you will actually use.

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